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CNN, and now the Today Show . . .to the Ends of the Earth.

Yes, the Today Show celebrities are going to the ends of the earth to report their own take of the coming catastrophe of global warming.

“Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker will report on climate change from Greenland, Antarctica and Ecuador starting Nov. 5.” Video link.

Time for ABC and CBS to get into action. Easter Island would be a good camping ground for all of them.

When will all of this craziness stop? When it rains, it’s global warming, when it’s a drought, when it snows, when it does not snow, hurricanes and tornadoes too, are all caused by global warming. If the wind blows it’s fueled by global warming. If the wind is still, it’s because of the ozone layer. If the sun is shinning and it’s hot, it’s the hole in the ozone. If it’s cloudy, it’s because of the greenhouse gases. Earthquakes and tsunamis too. And when a volcano erupts, it’s because the earth got real hot from global warming. I just sneezed a few minutes ago, and I learned that allergies are up because of global warming. “Pants on fire. Pants on fire.”

For once I’d like to hear about a celebrity going on a binge. Naw, forget that one too, as that’s all too common.

The Red Sox humiliated the Rockies last night 13-1. Ok Rockies, your turn tonight to get that fire you had burning again for those games in the mile high stadium. The Cubs could have done better. The good news is that there were 16.9 million viewers watching the ball game that could have been watching CNN and the earth in peril.

As I See It.

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Public education is gone, replaced with indoctrination.

The state of public education in this country is deteriating so fast, it just makes your head spin in total unbelief that the educators obedience to, and their worship of political correctness, tolerance, and multi-culturalism would triumph over common sense.

Now a high school in North Carolina has banned the student body from wearing any kind of clothing with an image of a flag, and YES, even the American flag, and YES, even on 09/11 or any other day.

“The new rule stems from a controversy over students wearing shirts bearing flags of other countries.” ?Today she (Jessica Langston) wanted to wear her shirt, and I had to tell her no,? said Langston (her father). ?She didn’t like it at all because I knew it would get her in trouble. Of all days, 9/11, she could not wear her American Flag shirt.? Sampson County NC.

The superintendent of schools in Sampson County calls the situation unfortunate, but says educators didn?t want to be forced to pick and choose which flags should be permissible.”

I wonder if the school superintendent knows that this is America, the United States of America, and the stars and stripes is the official flag of these 50 states, and that it is not illegal to fly that flag anywhere within these 50 states. I also wonder if the school superintendent is aware that those schools that he has been placed in charge of, and his salary are paid for by the taxes of the citizens of his county and state and that the State Capital is flying that flag, and most likely the county is also.

You just got to wonder if this guy passed the 6th grade, as any 6th grader knows that it is not illegal to fly, and/or wear a symbol of the American flag.   Dr. Hobbs may have a hard time competing on that TV series:  “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”

Sampson county residents must be so disgusted.

A note to Dr. L. Stewart Hobbs, Jr. (superintendent)

Do your job and educate the kids, and leave the indoctrination into the PC handbook to the mainstream media as the media is doing a terrific job.


And in California, the legislature has passed SB 777 ready for Arnold to sign, but he might not and then again he might.

It bans any teaching or activities in schools that “promotes a discriminatory bias against” homosexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, and those with gender (perceived or actual) issues.

Link to story.

Or in other words it seeks to normalize alternative lifestyle “choices” in All California public schools as it gives special recognition for homos, bi and transsexuals. The Los Angeles Unified School District already has a similar provision in place, which instructs the schools to allow a student who “identifies” himself as a female the right to use the girls bathroom and locker facilities. Same for a girl who says she is a male, the right to use the boys restrooms.

What can a sane person say about this crap? It’s insane and outrageous, and just downright full of evil sin sanctioned by the government. Those words are not strong enough. Even the Muslims know the evilness of any laws “normalizing” the gay lifestyle. What would the Muslims do about it? Just as they are now, as a leader of the “Popular Resistance Committee”, an Islamic terror organization has claimed “If I meet these whores I will have the honor ? I repeat, I will have the honor ? to be the first one to cut the heads off Madonna and Britney Spears if they will keep spreading their satanic culture against Islam,” said Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesman. And what is the offense of Spears and Madonna? Kissing each other. So what do Muslims do with gays and bisexuals and transsexuals? Kill them, because of their immorality.

What do we do about this politically correct craziness in the US, a nation rooted in the Judeo-Christian culture? Nothing. Wink at it. Sloth it off and say, “Oh Well.” “It’s a sign of the times.”

“Live and let Live” would be fine, only the gay agenda is not to embrace the live and let live motto, but to stick their perversion in our face and make the rest of us accept their lewdness and dammed be to us if we dare to raise an objection. I object.

We could tolerate their lifestyle if they would just keep their activities to their own homes and apartments.

I call it as I see it.

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Intelligence thwarts terrorist attack through e-mail monitoring.

Three cheers for the intelligence folks.  The Daily Mail.

The three suspects, two German converts to Islam and a Turk who had undergone military training at Taliban camps in Pakistan, were caught with 750kg of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical easily transformed into explosives.

We have stopped what would certainly have been the worst terror attacks in Germany,” he added.

The men had been under surveillance for months from agents of the BND, Germany’ s MI5, and the elite GSG-9 police commandos who are trained along SAS-lines.

American intelligence officials were also in on the surveillance but played no part in the arrests.

Email traffic between them and others abroad led to the authorities’ action five days before the anniversary of 9/11.

And then there are the people who wish to tie the hands of our intelligence agencies citing “privacy rights.”   Your privacy rights are not respected by terrorists.  Your right “to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are not respected by that insane radical Islamic group intent on “converting” the world, most specifically the western historical Judeo-Christian world, to some crazy idea of sharia law through a militant jihad. 


I could very easily get mentally “terrorized” thinking that these civil rights groups like CAIR and the ACLU could actually persuade our wimpy politically correct politicians to write laws forbidding our agencies from any kind of behind the scenes intelligence “spying.”  

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Sen. Craig. Guilty of stupidity.

He is guilty of not having an attorney…..stupidity. As a Senator who has spoken out against homosexual agendas and proposed laws against those homosexual agendas, he should have known that he would be a target worthy of being taken down. If he is a closeted gay, he should have known better. He is also guilty of stupidity for thinking that by agreeing to a plea bargain, the thing would just go away. You’re a Senator, and a republican one at that, and you thought it would just go away. Stupid. He is also guilty of fidgeting, of tapping the foot, of not sitting on the stool like a good Kid in Sunday School. Nice and quiet and still.

But what has become of our legal system in this country? Arrested for Perceptions. You know, I am now aware of the details of the so-called “suspicious activity” in men’s bathrooms, and man, from now on I will never tap my foot while sitting there waiting a move of nature, whether anyone is in a stall on either side or not, and by golly, I will not spread the knees and legs out to be more comfortable either. No way. That suitcase bag with roller wheels on the bottom will be hung from that hook on the back of the door, and I don’t care if the hook breaks. Can’t put the thing on the floor and usually there is not enough space for it between the stall walls and the seat unless I want to sit half on and half off. My hands will always be above the bottom of that divider and I don’t care if the cuff of my pants are laying on a nasty wet floor. And there is no way that I will ever “fidget” (someone with Parkinson’s may be doomed). Looking through the crack of the door as my eyes roam to and fro looking for an empty stall is forbidden. Nope, not me.

That’s the kind of things the senator is being charged with as a misdemeanor, as “suspicious activity”, as “known signals” of homosexuals desiring a hit. I was ignorant, because I was not aware of these signals. That sure could have caused problems as I’m sure I have tapped my foot, and fidgeted in the past.

Senator Craig was not caught in the act. He was not caught soliciting by word or by deed (tapping a foot?) . What kind of society have we become where a person can be arrested for just suspicious activity for a non-violent act? And because of that arrest, your entire life can be ruined, completely devastated and thrown out in public for everyone to see the “suspicious activity.” Your wife and children will always have a “suspicion” in the back of their minds. It’s all perception, the same kind of language that is included in the “hate crimes” bill. Read the full actual report of his crime as filed.

The Va. Tech shooter had several years of “suspicious” activities, but he was never arrested. No sting operations out for his kind.

In this world, the media assumes one is guilty first, then asks questions. In this world the public assumes one is guilty first. Otherwise, the arrest would not have been made, right?

It is just craziness. “But for the Grace of God……”

And now the gay community is cheering as another closet is opened, and they have already changed their rest room codes, and it will take the police a few years to figure out the new “suspicious activity.” In the meantime, some innocent nobody’s may be arrested for “suspicious” activities.

And, lest we forget, Bill Clinton  and the oval desk affair was not considered a “suspicious” activity back then, as the gays had really not formulated their tactics nor had the police penetrated the bathroom codes, nor was Bill suspiciously “gay.”  Whether he tapped his foot during this time is not clear.

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Texas town makes Spanish official language.

The border town of El Cenizo, whose population is heavily Hispanic, has adopted Spanish as its official language and declared the community a safe haven for illegal immigrants, officials said Friday.  (8/16)    The “safe haven” ordinance forbids city staff, which consists of one employee and two volunteers, from helping the U.S. Border Patrol find illegal immigrants or inquiring about any person’s immigration status.

“The intent was to avoid meddling in peoples’ lives,” Rodriguez said.

“We are not protecting them and neither are we turning them in,” he said.     Read the rest here.

El Cenixo is just  down the road a bit south of Laredo which is also making the news. 

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop narcotics ? or contraband or narcotics ? the Border Patrol’s mission is not to stop criminals. The Border Patrol’s mission is to stop terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the country.” 

Read more of that stuff here.

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Another act of terrorism in USA would be good for republicans. Hillary

Can you believe the way this lady (?) thinks?  Yep.

“Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday raised the prospect of a terror attack before next year’s election, warning that it could boost the GOP’s efforts to hold on to the White House.” 

“It’s a horrible prospect to ask yourself, ‘What if? What if?’ But if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world,” Clinton told supporters in Concord.”   Link.

Now that may be true, and it would help the republicans, as far as election results are concerned, since the democrats have been the party against the war on terror.  What do you think the republican response will be to another act of terror in this country, perhaps taking many more lives than that of 9/11, or a smaller confirmed attack killing only a few hundred.  Would the republicans immediately think of how it would help their party?   Would the republicans get on every network show and say to the world “We told you so.”  I think you know the answer.

According to her remarks yesterday,  Hillary would not, first of all, be too concerned with the numbers of Americans who were killed and devastated.   The way she responded to the questions, Hillary would not be concerned with what a drastic effect this would again have on the country as a whole, throwing us all a punch of terror anxiety, and an attack would probably send the economy into a downfall like we’ve never seen before. 

Another 9/11?   Now we know that Hillary would not wish another 9/11 on America.   It would hurt her election prospects.


And can you imagine the spin?  Karl Rove left the White House so he could orchestrate the attack to happen right before the elections.  Harry Reid would say that the Bush’s evil cronies were behind it all.    


That is as I see it.

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Baggy Pants outlawed.

The offensive dress of today’s youth culture should be illegal according to a proposed amendment to Atlanta’s Indecency laws. Not only those baggy pants that expose the elastic band of the kids underwear along with those cute tattoos, and here is the really offensive part, the butt cracks, or the cleavage of cheeks as I like to call it, and also the bra straps that sneak up the shoulder from under a shirt.

“Little children see it and want to adopt it, thinking it’s the in thing,” City councilperson C. T. Martin said Wednesday. “I don’t want young people thinking that half-dressing is the way to go. I want them to think about their future.”

“The proposed ordinance would also bar women from showing the strap of a thong beneath their pants. They would also be prohibited from wearing jogging bras in public or show a bra strap, said Debbie Seagraves, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia.”

“The proposed ordinance states that “the indecent exposure of his or her undergarments” would be unlawful in a public place. It would go in the same portion of the city code that outlaws sex in public and the exposure or fondling of genitals.” Atlanta AP article.

To read the rest of my personal comments click on over to My own domain is up and running. Still some minor work to do, but there it is and there most of my posts will be.

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Tulsa County Sheriffs gets trained by ICE.

On Tuesday morning, Sheriff Glanz and representative Tom Sullivan stood together with U.S. Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Julie Myers to the start of a training program for local officers on the rules and regulations of how to handle any illegal immigrants they may encounter.  It’s the local beginning of a national program to prevent any repeats of the 2002 van incident.   What happened in 2002?  It was a middle of the night traffic stop of a van packed with 15 people, who were in the country illegally.  The feds were notified immediately, but they did not want to do anything and told a deputy not to detain them.  So now it’s 2007, five years later, and ICE shows up after numerous meetings by our Washington representative Sulllivan with Homeland security officials.  Five years later.   How many similar traffic stops have there been all across the country with the same result?   Release.  Do not hold.  ICE does not want to get involved.  Whatever.  And the average citizen shakes his/her head in amazement.  What is going on behind the scenes of ICE and the Homeland Security Department?

Now five years later, “31 Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office employees and seven law enforcement officials from other jurisdictions are starting a training program that will give local officials the ability to enforce immigration law.  Sort of.  The program involves five weeks of training for field-level officers and four weeks for jailers.”

“Sullivan said the training program should help cut out the “catch and release” approach to immigration law enforcement and serve as a deterrent for illegal immigrants who are considering making Tulsa their home.
Myers said the initiative has led to more than 22,000 arrests, a total she expects to skyrocket over the next year as more law enforcement agencies get involved.”
   The link to the story is here and here.

22,000 arrests across the country in how long of a time period?   At the rate they appear to be crossing the border, that 22,000 is a drop in the old bucket.  Let’s have three cheers of Myers.   

And then the Hispanic civil rights activists found a microphone and declared that the new training was going to spread an atmosphere of fear throughout the community.  Immigrants would be scared to travel.  Hey, it’s only the “illegal” ones that should be scared.  For the legally admitted, just show your papers.

Every little bit helps.  In the Tucson area, a motor home was stopped by officers and inside was 54 illegal immigrants.  Read that here.


The approval rating for Congress is now 18%.  Should Nancy Pelosi, as speaker of the house, and Harry Reid, as Senate majority leader be impeached?  “But that “honeymoon” period for the new Democratically controlled Congress was brief, as its job ratings dropped below 30% in March 2007 and have now fallen below where they were just before the Democrats took over.” USA Today.

What’s the approval rating for ICE and the Department of Homeland Security? 

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A Moose and a Cow, more potent than cars.

The flatulence of Cows and the belches of Moose are now being blamed for global climate change. They are more potent to the environment than cars.  Yep, that’s the latest study results.  Scientists sure have been busy studying these things. I wonder just how they do it. How do they catch the emissions produced by the farting and belching animals?

“Norway is concerned that its national animal, the moose, is harming the climate by emitting an estimated 2,100 kilos of carbon dioxide a year through its belching and farting. Norwegian newspapers, citing research from Norway’s technical university, said a motorist would have to drive 13,000 kilometers in a car to emit as much CO2 as a moose does in a year.” Link.

How many moose in Norway?   How many cows in the US? 

After studying the cows emissions, scientists hit upon an idea. Change their diet. New varieties of grasses need to be developed.   That would be better than bags collecting those methane filled farts and belches.  Can you imagine the sight as you drove down a rural road.

“Normally a cow’s stomach is pretty inefficient — 80 percent of food ingested comes out as waste or methane. The average cow produces between 300 and 500 liters of methane a day, most of it through belching. “There is a common misperception about how methane gets into the atmosphere,” Michael Abberton, a scientist at the Aberystwsth’s Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, said Monday. “It is actually through belching rather than the other end.”

….the key could be developing new varieties of legumes and grass, as well as planting more clover and birdsfoot trefoil, a common wildflower. These could change the way the bacteria in the cow’s gut breaks down food.” Link to the article.

Do you get the thought that most of this stuff is utter silliness?   Mankind must be the culprit.  We like steaks and burgers and hot dogs.   Our fault.  Cars, industrial waste, light bulbs, and animals doing what they do, and the earth gets warmer, but only after the earth got cooler after it was warmer. A big push is on to change out the older incandescent light bulbs with the CFL kind to save energy.   But then more information became available about the mercury in the CFL’s.    A big push is out to reduce the emissions of automobiles by encouraging more of the hybrid kind, but then more information surfaced saying that producing the giant batteries in the hybrids produces more carbon dioxide than thought.   There’s more.   But it all follows the same pattern.   Grocers are conflicted now as whether to offer plastic or paper sacks. The paper degrades in the landfills, the plastic does not, but consumers prefer the plastic. The plastic bottles that pop and water are marketed in is bad for the environment, the land fills, so one city decides to add an additional tax on each bottle.

Someone will now suggest a special tax on moose and cows?   Is the plural of moose, meese, as is geese for goose?

Have these scientists studied the croaks of frogs, or birds and those droppings on your windshield, and for sure chickens are guilty of something also.   KFC frys too many.  Now fish just dump all of their waste in the lakes and streams from where we get our drinking water.     What size waste is it of those whales.   Have you thought of the times you’ve been swimming in a lake and swallowed some of that water and what microparticles of fish waste you consumed?   That’s just how revolting all of these studies are.   Let’s get serious folks.   There are more important things.

The earth is big enough, the wind comes and the wind goes, clouds form and the rains or snow pours, volcanoes erupt and earthquakes rumble and hurricanes blow, and the earth is still here after whatever your religion states as the age of this planet.   Thousands of species of animals come and go, eat of the grasses, fruits or of each other, are killed by man for food or sport and they are still here since the majesty of creation.   Which is it?   Too many animals, or too many people?   Plants are said to absorb this carbon dioxide and contribute back food for humans or animals or shelter for all. Why do you think the carbon traders want to trade your dollars into trees?   To absorb the farts of cows and the exhaust of cars, so go plant a tree or a shrub, if that’s makes you feel better.

And a new scientific study emerges concluding that carbon dioxide emissions has no effect on the planets temperature. That it “is largely irrelevant, prompting one veteran meteorologist to quip, “You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide.” Reid Bryson, founding chairman of the Department of Meteorology at the University of Wisconsin, who said the temperature of the earth is increasing, but that it’s got nothing to do with what man is doing.

We already have laws regulating spitting on public sidewalks.

There are more important things for scientists to do.

And this is how I see it.

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The US is to blame for Global Warming.

Sure thing. Yes, it is true that the internal combustion engine was invented right here in the US, and is now considered the biggest threat to humanity. America also had developed nuclear power, and gee, it was also the US that had used a nuclear bomb. The US is also one great nation that did not ratify and get on the bandwagon of the Kyoto protocol. America developed the automobile, and it was one of our citizens that decided to put on wings and fly through the air. Evil Americans.

Was it not also America that developed the polio vaccine. pesticides to kill insects that harm people and new technologies in medicines to help heal people of bumps and broken bones and many of the internal malfunctions that humans experience. America and it’s citizens gave the world the telephone, radios, television, and it was Bill Gates that had a bit to do with spreading the computer throughout the world.   Evil Americans. Al Gore, the father of global warming, also invented the Internet, right?

And all of these advancements were spread to the entire world. Does America show up with thousands of volunteers and donated supplies to help foreign countries and their citizens after a tsunami and other such natural calamities? Acts of kindness goes punished.

But, what a bunch of evil people we are for not signing the Kyoto Protocol, or allowing developing nations like India, and Iran and others to have tons of uranium to develop nuclear power and possibly weapons. Gee whiz folks, our own environmentalists hinder America from developing and building more nuclear power plants to satisfy our own power needs. Windmills off the coast is restricted because it’s considered in someone’s backyard.

And yet, India is now saying it’s our fault that global warming is harming developing nations because the US did not sign onto the Kyoto Protocol.

“Addressing a seminar on global warming organised by Bengal National Chamber of Commerce, Mr Bhattacharjee said: “It is strange that the Americans who are responsible for global warming are now advising us on how to improve environment. Way back in 1992, it was decided by the nations of the world to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 50%. And it is the US in particular, who have violated the Kyoto Protocol.” “The global warming created by the US and other European nations have led to water scarcity and tropical diseases the world over,” said a visibly agitated Mr Bhattacharjee.” Here is the link. Short and sweet.

Everything the global warming crowd advocates against would return the world to the middle ages. But only for the citizen majority, as the elite powerful ruling classes would still have all of the aforementioned conveniences to enjoy. The rest of us, well, are evil for wanting it too.

And that is the long and short of As I See It.

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