Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | November 26, 2006

The evil Americans removed the Muslims from the plane.

You’ve heard the story of the 6 Muslim Imams that were removed from a flight because of suspicious behavior making the rest of the 141 passengers and flight crew a bit nervous. The men prayed at the gate of the terminal, overheard making critical comments about the Iraq war, and then they did not sit together on the plane, nor did they check any luggage. Could that be considered suspicious? Now CAIR and the North American Imams Federation are upset. One of the Imams said “his days of praying in airports may be over. “It’s terrible, unfortunately,” he said. “In America we have no freedom to practice our faith, to do our faith.”

Oh really! And what kind of religious freedom do the Muslims around the world grant to Christians and Jews?

Go ahead, show us how Christians can freely practice and “do their faith” in Iran or Syria. Waiting.
I must have missed the news of Billy Graham holding a rally in Tehran, and at the end of the rally over 75,000 in attendance were freely singing “Just as I am….” and they all respectfully listened as George Beverly Shea sang “Amazing Grace”, all of it openly televised on Irans Nationalized TV stations for all to see.

Come on, show us you really are worthy of our respect.

So far all we see is contempt.

For more detailed account see


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