Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | November 27, 2006

PC: here we go again.

And so, it’s PC time again, or shall I say it’s time to bring on the madness of the radical leftist, do not offend anyone under any circumstances crowd.   Now, how can this be accomplished?   Would someone please ‘enlighten” me.  Well, in the attempt to be non-offensive to people of possibly other religions, other than Christianity that is, the majority of America (something like 85% who profess to being Christians) is not only being offended, but are being subjected to the heavy hand of an agenda by people who do not have a clue.  In addition: they are also ignorant.

AP story from Chicago: “A public Christmas festival is no place for the Christmas story, the city says. Officials have asked organizers of a downtown Christmas festival, the German Christkindlmarket, to reconsider using a movie studio as a sponsor because it is worried ads for its film “The Nativity Story” might offend non-Christians,” so said Cindy Gatziolis, a spokeswoman for the Mayor’s Office.

Read that line again.  “A public Christmas festival is no place for the Christmas story.”  Hmmmmm!   I guess at a Christmas festival, it would be a good place for the story of Islam,  the story of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the story of atheism, or the positive slant on Marxism.  Would then, at a gay lesbian festival, it would not be a good idea to have the GLAD organization handing out leaflets.   Cindy, go ahead and make that declaration and see what kind of response you get.

The mayor of Chicago should be ashamed to have Cindy Gatziolis on his staff.   And I hope the citizens of Chicago would call for an immediate apology (an immediate permamnet dismissal without benefits would be better) for offending their intelligence.

Oh, it’s just as I see it now.


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