Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | November 29, 2006

Trust the news? Are you kidding?

The press, all of them, put out the story over the week-end of the six muslims leaving the Mosque being doused with kerosene and then burned alive. Headlines by ALL the major networks. News we have the right to know about. News certain to stir the emotions some more. News that exhibits the outrageous nature of this war. News certain to make coffee break conversation in placid offices in every state and city across the land. But, it’s all fabrication. Not a true story. Made up. Fake. Propaganda pure and simple.

Read it all here:

This is the sad part. We, the general public out here in quiet cities and suburbia are quick to believe these things, as there has been so many atrocities committed during this fight against the radical Islamic culture of death; that it all makes sense, that it all fits into the pattern, that it is not beyond the imagination of the tactics that the enemy uses to get our goat. It is also sad that the ‘press’ willingly expose these unsubstantiated reports for us all to see and hear without checking and verifying for validity. Wait a day to report the story, no way.

When it comes out, it’s front page news.  When and if a retraction is made, it is on page 27, section C. But the conversations at the coffee break have already determined that it must be true.

Could that be the motivation of our “against the war” media?


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