Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | December 5, 2006

American discrimination: removed one step at a time…… but then?

As a child, I learned as a child, learning to walk one step, falling down crying, getting up, then another step and the process continued until I learned to walk.  Then I learned how to get something I really wanted, I screamed and threw a hissy fit.  Sometimes, then it would be granted.  What a powerful force this screaming has become with adults.  Where is the nanny when you need her?

While this country is undergoing threats from forces within, and from outside forces, which are quickly moving within.   While this is happening, both political parties appear to have their heads buried in deep, deep sand. No one wants to call a spade a spade, a terrorist a Muslim, a late term live birth abortionist doctor a murderer, a truth spinner a liar, a cheater on spouse an adulterer, someone crossing our border without permission an illegal criminal alien. No, it’s not politically correct. No, they might be offended. No, it’s discrimination. No, we are a diverse society.

The borders are still open for new alien crossings, although some improvements have been made. The war on terror against Islamic fascism is making progress, but not much, as we witness a tactic here in the homeland to get special rights for only Muslims: the imams are getting special prayer rooms in airports (although most all airports already have a special room set aside for meditation etc), a newly elected senator wants to take the oath of office on the Koran, to name the most recent. Their tactic of appealing to our sense of fairness is working. We do not want to discriminate, now do we?

The tactic of Spanish illegal immigrants has been to emphasize their common humanity, so how can you deny medical care (free) when they get sick, and deny their children the right to free education, or deny them the opportunity to better themselves by finding work in America. As a diverse society, we can allow ‘Press 1 for English”. Right?

The goal of the atheist and secular progressives are to remove any mention of a divine being (God) from our public square. Christmas is replaced by “Holiday”. Church bells cannot ring because the noise level exceeds the maximum decibels allowed, as determined by bureaucrats. Children cannot sing Christmas carols in “Holiday Musicals”. A Chicago Christian festival cannot feature scenes of the Nativity. One at a time they are leaving.

Where is all this heading?

You know the drill, the method, and the modus operandi of these activist groups. It’s simply called one step at a time, and scream.  It takes patience to use this tactic, and these groups are willing to inclemently demand and wait, scream and get, and low and behold soon enough the battle has been won. Then, the majority becomes the one being discriminated against.

Have Americans (politicians included) lost the capacity to see things as they are? Have Americans (reporters included) forfeited the ability to see through these incremental tactics, and lose sight of the end result?  Where is the nanny?  What will the next generation allow?

I was impressed by a recent story from down under, Australia, where the prime minister, John Howard, urged immigrants from Islamic societies to fit in, learn English, treat women with respect, and shun extremism. “No matter what the culture of the country from which they came might have been, Australia requires women to be treated fairly and decently and in the same fashion as men.” “If any migrants coming to this country have a different view, they’d better get rid of that view pretty quickly.” Australia’s successful integration of migrants was attributable to “the attitude that when you come to Australia, whatever arguments you might have had in the old country, we start again and we start again with a common set of values and a common language.”

He sure got criticized for his remarks, but stood by them. Criticism about it being discriminatory brought this reply: “It is not. It is commonsense and, importantly, it is also a powerful symbol of a new migrant’s willingness and enthusiasm about becoming an Australian.” I’m impressed.

Outrage in Australia  The news after the story

Think about where all this is going. Do we have the ability to see the agenda behind the tactic?

If you have never read any articles by Walter Williams, an economics professor at George Mason University, he hits the nail on the head. What’s Discrimination and Diversity Adulation. Every teacher in America should read these. Every politician in America should read these. And, not to leave out the reporters and the media, they should read it three times.

Is it more advantageous to be part of a minority? What’s the next step?

As I See It Now.


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