Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | December 5, 2006

No work, we still want pay.

The State of Oklahoma got hit with a snow storm (it does happen).  Well now, the non-essential state workers were told their offices would be closed and do not come in, essentially, you got two days off.   Those workers have now learned that the time has to be made up by sacrificing some of their leave time.  “They weren’t aware that they were going to have to use some type of leave,” said Scott Barger, the executive director of the Oklahoma Public Employees Association.

But, it happens to be a state policy that requires nonessential state employees to lose compensatory or annual leave when they miss work due to bad weather, and the state workers are complaining.   Some have stated that they would have come to work anyway, regardless of the snowy conditions, if they had known that leave time would be sacrificed.  But their offices were closed, they did not have that option.  In other words, they thought it would be just days off with pay.   What a deal.

Read about it here.

OK State workers listen up.

You have a job to do.  Your employer, the State (the taxpayers of Oklahoma, by the way), determines the conditions of your work, and the pay rate, which you agreed to upon accepting the job.  It’s can be considered a ‘contract’ between you and the State of Oklahoma.  There are rules you must follow for you to keep your job, you know simple things like reporting to work (on time), and what actual work you will perform to the best of your ability meeting the requirements set forth by the supervisor.  Getting paid for work not performed is not considered as meeting those requirements.   Hopefully, you’d get fired if you just sat at your desk all day and did nothing.  Right?  Sorry, but you did not work those days.

Try doing construction work, like building homes and the weather hits and you can’t possibly work roofing during a hurricane etc.  Days lost.  Pay lost.  If you did get paid, it was because of  the generosity of your supervisor, not because you earned it, and now since you work for us, the taxpayers, we don’t feel that way.

That’s the way things work.  That’s reality.   Quit whinning!   Be thankful you have a job, and, if you do not like this one, you are free to try your luck somewhere else.


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