Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | December 6, 2006

Victory or Success?

Victory or success?

Golly gee whiz, I wish baseball season was here so I could get upset with the Cubs. At least they try to win.

The patiently, anxiously, anticipated, awaited for report of the ISG was released today with the hyped up mainstream media fawning at the mouths to say to President Bush, “We told you so”.  No News here.  I did hear a comment in the question and answer period with that Baker fellow about their not using the word ‘victory’ in the report.  He said something to the effect that they were concentrating on ‘success’. Victory or success?  What? Victory means winning. Success means well, that both sides are happy, as in Donald Trump negotiating a multi-million dollar deal for a piece of land to build a golf course. He gets what he wants, the land. The seller gets what he wants, the money. All of it done through numerous negotiations, with lawyers standing at ready.  But in Trumps case, both sides fulfill their obligations, because both sides are bound by the American rule of contract law.  A good handshake will do it gentlemen.

So Americans end up with the oil (for the time being anyway), and the radicals in Iraq, Syria and Iran get what they want, the land for them to build an radical Islamic Muslim state. All of our brave soldiers can return home safe and sound (except for bringing the trophy). The Iraqi women can go back to living under the protections of sharia laws (remember ladies, all they want to see is the eyes, because the men might get aroused).

We just sacrificed many lives for what was a just cause in the battle of international terrorism (radical Islamic Muslim fascism), that some appeasers were not happy about, because George Bush won (stole) the election. Good work Mr. Baker, you just got your revenge. The media is ecstatic . The left is full of I told you so’s. And the election of 2008 is just around the corner, when the next big prize of more socialism and multiculturalism is the next conquest. Oooops, again, Oooooops….the next success. 

Gee, we could have avoided all this by just staying home and leaving that brutal killing machine Hussein in power, who was developing wmd’s to use against Israel, and had defiled (how many was it?) UN sanctions asking him to stop it.  And how many mass graves of his own mutilated people did we find?   Harboring terrorists?

I am now remembering all those past movie clips of “Victory at Sea” before the feature film started, and what pride I felt in the guts exhibited by those brave warriors.  They were winning.  They were protecting us at home.  They were Americans.  You could be proud.

I once thought victory was the goal of playing, but now, I’ve been enlightened.

John Wayne, we need you.

When does baseball season start again?   The Bears are somehow seeing victory by playing an  offensive defense game.  Oooops, there I go again…….they are seeing ‘success’.


As I See It Now.


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