Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | January 20, 2007

Outrageous and Scary bills….

January 20, 2007   

It’s outrageous, and also scary, what some politicians can conceive as good for the country, or the State of Arizona in this case.  An Arizona lawmaker has introduced a bill to revise the state’s statutes on organized crime and fraud by defining “domestic terrorism” in such a way that members of the Minuteman Project or other border-patrol groups could be prosecuted and forced to serve a minimum six-month jail term.”  WND has the story.  HB2286 is a bill introduced by a very young, green and still wet behind the ears, Krystan Simema, a democrat of Phoenix.  I said green because she was formerly of the Green party.  I said wet behind the ears because her credentials are totally social work oriented.   Educated she is.  Degrees she has.   But, if your only experience in life is with the down and out, the victimized, the hard luck stories that social workers deal with daily, then what other attitude can one get but that only bigger government and more restrictions can resolve the problems of humans.  In this bill, she focuses on the Minutemen carrying weapons. 

But the way the bill is written it will eventually lead to other self-protection issues. 

The bill reads in part.

Sec. 2. Title 13, chapter 23, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 13-2320, to read:

13-2320. Domestic terrorism; classification

A. An individual or group of individuals commits domestic terrorism if the individual or group of individuals are not affiliated with a local, state or federal law enforcement entity and associate with another individual or group of individuals as an organization, group, corporation or company for the purpose of patrolling to detect alleged illegal activity or to individually patrol for the purpose of detecting alleged illegal activity and if the individual or group of individuals is armed with a firearm or other weapon.

Her intentions are to silence and restrict the work of the minutemen who wish to aid the border patrol in apprehending illegal alien crossing of our border.  She says they are “just scary”.  I wonder what she thinks of illegal drug smugglers entering the country?  I wonder what she thinks of the Mexican gangs shooting at our border patrol officers from the other side of the no fenced border?

All of that aside, in her stupidly written bill, I also see the possibility of a homeowner going to jail for protecting his domicile.  Consider this.  You have noticed that you are being robbed or threatened (an illegal activity) on your own property.  Perhaps someone has broken into your detached garage, barn or out building, or even house itself, and by returning home you discover the intruders.  You call 911, but then because of the immediate nature to protect your property and/or life, you and your spouse and teenager and possibly a neighbor to help patrol and/or surround the garage, barn or whatever for observation till the police arrive, and you arm yourself with a firearm or other weapon of force just in case.  The police arrive.  You were armed while detecting illegal activity.  The criminal intruder would go free.  The homeowner would spend 6 months in jail with a felony record. 

This bill is what is “just scary”.



As I See It Now.



  1. HB2286 is designed to protect criminals pure and simple. Not content with allowing criminals unfettered access to American soil, Sinema wants to be sure that these criminals and the criminal allready resident in our state are not apprehended for commiting additional offenses. After all the criminals must make a living once they get here, who are we to think they should be stopped. This goes far beyond stopping a few over the top border protection zealots, it seeks to brand any person seeking to protect their lifes and property from criminals as a terrorist.

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