Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | March 9, 2007

Climate Crisis Action Day…. Green Activist party time.

Time for all conservatives to get involved before March 20th, because that is the date set for hysteria in Washington DC for the Climate Crisis Action Day. By getting involved, I mean resisting this action of hysteria that is creeping over the country like an ozone layer of soot, belched forth out of the mouths of green hippies.

“Congress should act now to cap emissions of global warming gases from dirty utilities, smoke-belching factories, and gas-guzzling cars, trucks and SUVs. A cap on emissions would level the playing field for clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies that have been within our grasp for years but crowded out by subsidies for fossil fuel. Let’s call on Congress to pass the Arctic Wilderness Act and legislation to stop the threat of global warming.”

Read more about it here.

Do you know what they mean by caps on emissions? It means that every industry, every business, every utility, every household would have an established cap, a limit to how much energy could be used or consumed. Personally, you would have to figure your carbon footprint based on the size home, number of occupants, type of heat and air, cars driven and how many miles per year, wood burning stove, and all of that garbage. One of the carbon footprint estimators want to know whether you take showers or baths. If you are burning too much, then you would either have to reduce consumption, or purchase emission offsets from an environmentally friendly site, an emissions trading place, so that they could plant trees, install windmills and all of that green friendly stuff.. Then you could continue on your merry way and run that SUV all you want. Just pay up man. Does that sound reasonable to you?

If you can’t afford the “fee”, then, well, I guess you’d have to sell the car for a 10 speed bike, to keep the home heated, or turn off the gas furnace and buy blankets to do your part to combat global warming hysteria. If you do not agree, well, too bad.

From Cybercast News Service.

“Questions (and answers) to be addressed at the event include:”

  • “Why must we act now to fight global warming?
    Activists’ answer: “Science tells us that we can prevent the worst effects if we cut emissions enough to keep temperatures from rising more than 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit above today’s levels.” (Skeptics say the science has been hyped beyond what the facts support.) ;”
  • “What is at stake?
    Answer: “The Arctic and other pristine public lands face thawing, drought, forest fires and other warming effects. Sea level rise could create millions of ‘eco refugees’ as people flee coasts.” (Scaremongering, some Americans insist.) ;”
  • “What can we do?
    Answer: “Support investments in efficiency and renewable energy, reduce global warming pollution, and protect the Arctic wilderness.” (Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will “shut down the machine we call America,” says Sen. James Inhofe, a leading critic of the argument that human activity is causing climate change.)”

  • Senator Inhofe is right about that. It would shut down America. It would force industry to “cap” their energy consumption at a certain level as determined by some bureaucrat in Washington. It would force the citizens to conserve their energy consumption to a level determined by the whim of a bureaucrat in Washington. Say good-bye to your freedom. Can you imagine an energy cap being forced on a hospital?
    Can you imagine an energy cap being forced on your local police force? Your local fire department? I’m sorry, we cannot come to put your fire out as there has been too many fires this year, we ran out of emission credit funds, so we are shut down for the rest of the year.

    Does this sound like the America I know as the greatest country ever, the country with people of boundless energy and capabilities, inventiveness and intellectual curiosity, a country more diverse and tolerant than any other, a country of freedom of choice like none other, a country with educational opportunities that draws students from all over the world, a country of unselfish patriots willing to risk their own life to protect the freedoms of people he or she never met? That is the America I know. The America these people are advocating is some hippie pipe dream of a utopia under constant blue skies all singing together “we are the world”, and then going home, driving the same size vehicle of some sort, to the same size box as everyone else, all painted green.

    Just take a look at what organizations are sponsoring this event. Celebrities are also expected to attend.

    Come on conservatives, let’s resist this hatred for America. Just an idea, at this page, you can print out a poster publicizing the event, then take a red magic marker, draw a circle with a slash through it, and post it in your car window, on your front door, wherever.


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