Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | March 14, 2007

Don’t ask, and don’t tell, except for reporters.

All day long this is all I’ve been hearing, the chattering is deafening, the chatter is this sided, or that sided, and not what is best for the military and therefore, the country.   The general should have kept his mouth shut, but instead he let his personal feelings be known and thus, it has erupted into a national controversy.  Now, considering it was an interview with the Chicago Tribune, a reporter could have pushed his button for his personal views, and the general naively obliged.  Just wondering.  Now, Nancy has opened her mouth, and it is becoming a big, larger than necessary issue.  Political points being sought.

The current policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is the best of any possible solutions, bar none.  It’s clear, it’s understandable and does not discriminate.  A person is judged based on their own personal biological equipment, nothing more, nothing less.  Males and females are treated the same, as in the Military tradition.  Nothing more.  Nothing less than full rights for either sex. 


Now, the Chicago Tribune had this to add to the story.  “Pace’s statements in the interview turned into a huge news story on radio, television and the Internet during the day and showed how sensitive the Pentagon’s policy has become.”  No, it showed how insensitive the statement of General Pace was, not the policy of don’t ask, don’t tell, because that policy is working.  It’s not the policy, it was the statement, and this is where reporters just love to jump in with both left feet and manufacture a controversy, stir the pot, and turn the heat up on the frog, just to get your ratings.  But now, the policy is under fire, a policy signed into law under the Clinton administration and working just fine.  Now it’s time for more political meanderings by both parties seeking points with the gay community.


The talk on the radio waves today was about changing the policy to allow gays to openly serve in the military.  Now there’s a pandoras box.


Knowing that the historical advocacy of the gay community has been pushing the agenda beyond the limits, they would see to it that this debate is expanded beyond gays and lesbians to, how about transsexuals, cross dressers?  Knowing how our courts have decided in the favor of minorities having equal civil rights, and they should, as the gays and bunch are considered a legal minority, the subject of separate rest room facilities, separate but equal tents and all of that stuff would become the major focus of equal rights for orientations in the military.  Would only be fair, right? 


Let’s just not go down that road, leave things as they are, and forget the general and his remarks, and chalk this up as one big snafu that should not have happened.  The Chicago Tribune should have turned off the mikes, erased the remarks and let it be for the sake of the country.  We do not have the right to know the inner feelings of every official in this country, nor do we care.  Just let them do their job.  If it will make everyone happy and settle the matter, the general has apologized.  Now, you feel better, don’t you?  But you know too, that this is just too good of an opportunity to get points, so it will not be forgive, forget and go on.  Political points are to be gained.  Another subject to run the endless gauntlet of TV news rooms.   Rossie will be featured on Larry King for her “view.”  Keep the remote handy.


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