Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | April 5, 2007

On This and That.

This is just a bunch of this and that’s from a so so. Now figure out what that means.

The first This. The country is in Presidential election season, so all the news you read is not just news from a news point, but will be slanted just a bit, or a whole bunch of bits toward one side or the other. There has never been a shortage of these bits, or is it a tidbit? And tibits are what attractive and handsome fast talking monitor readers give to the public.

The second This. The country is in the middle of a Presidential election process, so most all, or will it be every move by the either side of the aisle, will be for the purpose of denigrating the other side of the aisle, making that aisle very wide indeed.

The third This. The country is in a Presidential race of very important consequences to the future of the country and all contestants will be spinning their take on every special interest group issue. So, don’t expect some deep thoughtful speeches and answers when the contestants are in front of the special interest groups, for special interest fund raising, specially suited to special interests.

The fourth This. During the next year and more of the Presidential election, do not expect the reporters to ask intelligent questions for contestants to explain their discrepancies in voting habits, or deep ideological explanations of why. Reporters are known for highlighting only five-second tidits that grab the ears of a disinterested public wanting a real debate to get them interested.

The fifth This. The presidential election is about power and money, and not necessarily in that order. What’s good for the country will be mentioned over and over, but money and power is what rules.

The first That. The country is in a presidential election process. Integrity, principals and honesty.

As I see It Now.


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