Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | April 17, 2007

What could the Va Tech shooter and John Hinckley have in common?

Remember John Hinckley, who back in 1981, shot President Reagan, James Baker, a secret service officer and a policeman as they were leaving a hotel. He was guilty. He admitted it. Yet, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Fortunately this shooter at Va. Tech is dead as a doorknob, or we could have a similar case unfolding here. I mean, a person must be insane to murder his girl friend and a counselor, and then go to another part of the campus, find a classroom full of students, line them up against a wall and execute them in cold blood. How insane. How brutal. How evil can one get? Can’t possibly be in their right mind. Would insanity be the shooters defense? Just think about it. A good smart lawyer, a jury handpicked of people against guns, social engineers, liberals, secular progressives, a sympathetic hippie era judge, and it could have been.

Then this shooter could be playing cards with Hinckley in a mental institution for a very long time. Except that Hinckley is getting time off for good behavior, may be released to live in his parent’s home a free man. He has already been granted 2 and 4 week unsupervised vacations to stay with his parents. He shot the President. He permanently disabled James Baker, and shot two others. He was guilty. He admitted it. And now he may be free. Justice?

Whatever you wish to call it, this was an act of free choice, as it was John Hinckley. At any time the shooter could have stopped himself. At any time the shooter could have denied those demons the right to carry on, and say no. No. NO! But he chose to take up his arms, load the magazines, shoot his girlfriend and counselor, perhaps have cup of coffee at a school snack bar, wait a few hours and then find another part of campus, a classroom and line the kids up against the wall and execute them one by one. Yes, it was an insane act, as no one in their right mind would do such a thing, but it was still an act of free choice, an option.

Thankfully the country will be saved the endless and endless trickering by lawyers, with the media hanging on every detail, broadcasting to the public ad nausea about the trial, the ins and outs, the parade of the experts, the analysis by psychologists and their recommendations and politicians eagerly finding a mike and a camera, and on and on, and then the months long trial, the post trial, the constant news updates and on and on. Every day, for hours and hours.

Thank God. The American public will not have to endure that stuff. This time.

May God bless the families of the victims and may they have all the peace and privacy they desire during their great time of grief. We Americans are praying for you.


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