Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | May 10, 2007

Citizen Hero. But who is Jeff May.

Now this is a story that has not been publicized by the liberal left, the progressives, nor the mainstream press, nor was this hero on David Letterman, Oprah or The View. Why not? If a student or two had done what this kid did, how many of the faculty or students at Va. Tech would still be living? I don’t mean to be insensitive to the students at Va. Tech, as they are the products of the culture of this country, which says that guns are bad, self-defense is not expected, and the government will take care of you. Let the police handle any disagreements. Go to the courts and solve your differences legally. Well yes, that’s true, in most situations that’s where we should go to solve differences. But then what do you do when you are in a situation like the kids at Va. Tech, Columbine, or in other situations such as a home intruder, a car jacking, an attempted rape, or a gang banging bunch of teen-agers corralling a woman in an alley. What should you do? It’ll be all over before the police get there. You are on your own baby.

Here’s the story that is bringing on this rant.

A young man in a black trench coat, his hair spiked into thorns, walked into Red Lake Senior High in northern Minnesota carrying three guns. Jeff Weise shot and killed eight people and wounded seven more in the deadliest school shooting since Columbine. Sophomore Jeff May, armed only with the pencil he’d used for algebra, tried to stop him. May ran at the gunman and jabbed him hard in the side. The two struggled; May was shot in the face. The police showed up, exchanging gunfire with Weise, who then killed himself. May’s teacher, Missy Dodds, is sure he saved his classmates’ lives — and hers.”

It happened in Red Lake Minnesota. Jeff May was featured as the Readers Hero of the Year 2006. More. But that’s all. As I mentioned above, why was this kid and this story NOT a national news feature? Why? Where was CNN? Why were they not up in this town for two weeks turning over every rock to find out what was wrong with the killer? Why? Media bias.

We need more kids like Jeff May. We need more mammas packing concealed weapons. We need more dads packing a concealed weapon. We need more teachers and administrators packing a concealed weapon. We need the bus drivers packing a concealed weapon. We need the pilots of our airplanes packing a concealed weapon. We need the security guards at the malls and banks all across America packing a concealed weapon. We need more single women packing a concealed weapon. All of them licensed and trained and a background check performed on them all first, and then load it and be ready to use it in situations such as Va. Tech, rapes, robberies, and the like. Would you feel safer? And then this news is broadcast all over the networks letting the criminals know that just possibly that security guard at that bank may have a gun, the guards at this school and a teacher or two may have a gun, that just possibly that woman walking by herself may have a concealed weapon, that regular people by the thousands out there are beginning to arm themselves. Would you feel safer?

These are perilous times in America and around the world, which is going to require a different mentality to confront the danger of these times. As you have seen in these situations, the government cannot and will not be there to protect you and this mentality must go along with the idea that self-defense is going back to Cowboy and Indian days of the wild west. The liberals love to bring on that argument. The liberals like to paint a picture for you of citizens walking through malls wearing belts and holsters and a big Colt 45 daring anyone to cross the line or even look him in the eye. It’s not just the concealed weapons permits that is needed, but an attitude change by the media and the general population to think of oneself as responsible for own protection.

Go through the training and licensing process to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Be responsible with it, secure it at all times, and know how to use it. Know that you may have to use it and what you might have to do and then be ready to do it. Your own safety is in your hands, it is not the responsibility of the government.

I’ve got to give Neal Boortz credit for bringing this story to my attention.

And that’s as I see it now.




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