Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | June 23, 2007

Graduation Ceremonies, UCLA style

At UCLA, you can choose how many graduation ceremonies you want to be cheered and screamed at by your family and friends. Depending on your racial and orientationtational make up.

“Some students are presumably eligible for four or five graduations. A gay student with a Native American father and a Filipino mother could attend the Asian, Filipino, and American Indian ceremonies, plus the mainstream graduation and the Lavender Graduation for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students.” Now ain’t that special. The reason that the educators and administrators at UCLA thought this was special was because of American Imperialism. Yep, you read that right. American Imperialism. It’s the cause of it all. White American males.

“But the core reason for separatist graduations is the obvious one: on campus, assimilation is a hostile force, the domestic version of American imperialism.” Read it all.

It’s the white American males who caused the major world wars. It’s the white American males who stole the southwest from the Mexicans. It’s the white American males who drove the native Americans from their park like land. It’s the white American males who were responsible for leveling Hiroshima. It’s the white American males who, in cahoots with the evil profit mongering oil companies, have caused all of the pollution in the world. It’s the white American males who have caused the aids epidemic to spread like wildfire into Africa and will not now fund the cure for it. It’s the white Christian males who enslaved the blacks and then created the KKK to keep the blacks on their plantations. It’s time for revenge. It’s time for reparations.

So goes the thinking that our kids are getting in their higher education universities across America. Could it be that bad? Tell me that UCLA is just one lone isolated school doing such crazy stuff. What the heck is wrong with just ONE graduation ceremony for the entire school?

You kids have families and friends, then get together after the big event for your own ethnic party.

Now that you graduates are going out into the real world, may I offer just a bit of advice? There are some things expected at work that are not expected while you were in school like, try to show up every day and complete your assignments on time. Good luck.


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