Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | June 23, 2007

Mexico wants US to pay for their drug war.

You just got to love the thinking of the Mexican government. They can’t handle their own drug problem. They can’t handle their own economic problems. They can’t handle their own lack of opportunity for their own citizens, so ask the big daddy neighborly neighbor up north to help.

“Mexico has asked the United States for 1 billion dollars in equipment and training to fight drug traffic,” the Mexican daily El Universal reported. The report stated that the US is considering the proposal. Sure enough. You taking any bets that our folks in Washington just might comply, because they would argue, it would be in our own best interest to fight the drug trafficking within Mexico so that the drugs would not come here, since the drug use in the US is the biggest market for the Mexican produced contraband. The reasoning only makes sense, right? There are enough liberals around to buy into the scam.

Well how about a counter offer. Ask Mexico for a hundred billion to help pay for the medical expenses when the Mexican citizens illegally here in the US need medical care while they are illegally here in the US. I had to emphasize the “illegally here in the US” part, because I know that the many favoring an open border policy, do not consider it a criminal offense to break our laws, it’s just humans wanting to have a better life. Anyway, we good-hearted Americans provide the medical care to those millions of illegals, free of charge, and then, even though the authorities know they are illegal, they still don’t send them back to Mexico. A win win situation for Mexicans. America loses out again. America exercising it’s right to be stupid again.

“A study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimated that in 2004 the annual uncompensated cost of medical care for illegal immigrants in California was $1.4 billion. Total uncompensated educational, health care and incarceration costs were estimated to be 10.5 billion.” That’s just in California alone and the report was made in 2004. Include 48 more states and add three years and it could be up around 100 billion.

A wall like that China thing would do quite nice. It’s truly amazing that thousands of years ago, that great wall of China could be built, and today with all of our super duper heavy equipment, we cannot build a simple fence that meets all of the codes and environmental studies and property rights concerns. It cannot be done. How far we have come.


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