Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | June 23, 2007

Newt and his ten point immigration fix.

From Newt Gingrich and his 10 point plan for immigration reform.


3.       “Outsource to American Express, Visa or MasterCard the job of building a real-time verification system so that honest companies can confirm the legal status of all workers and identify people with forged papers before they hire them as fast as your automatic teller machine identifies you and gives you money in a matter of seconds. We must distinguish between companies that deliberately hire illegal workers and companies that hire people who they believe are legal. It is the government’s duty to help this second group of companies by providing a real-time verification system for identifying the legal status of all workers so that it is possible to screen out those with illegal documents. The government should outsource the creation of this system so that it is easy, fast and accurate.”  The rest of the plan is available here. 

Yes folks, it’s just numbers associated with names, sex, date of birth, eye color and things like that.  Amazon and those credit card companies, and banks have huge databases with millions of people and their personal information securely kept for inspection and periodically updated.  Go ahead log into Amazon to buy a book or whatever, you enter your log in name, your pin number and zippo, you are ready for another transaction, or you can check on a previous order for shipping date etc.  And gee wiz folks, you even trust it with your credit card number.  It’s secure.  It’s digitally encrypted. 

Now, why can’t our federal government develop a similar secure employment verification system?   Rather than pushing the stupid Basic Pilot Program which has so many loopholes in it that an illegal alien can still be hired after an employer checks the information.

It’s just numbers, private SSN’s, employer Identification numbers, and legal visa numbers.  Each associated with a name, address, sex, date of birth, and such.  Simple.  We consider the Amazon system simple to use and secure, otherwise millions of shoppers would not be using it daily.

An applicant comes in and applies for a job, after the interview, the employer logs in to the federal system, enters the ssn, the name of the applicant and other information, and then a screen appears, “OK to hire”, or “need additional information”, or “that number is currently in use”.  Hey, Hosea, you can start work tomorrow.  Or, sorry Hosea, but I need some more information.  Or, sorry Hosea, we’ll have to wait a few days as that number you gave me shows that you are currently working in Des Moines, Iowa.  A flag goes up, the feds double check the person in Des Moines, and it goes from there.  If Hosea is not the owner of the number, the feds are alerted in that town, they know the address he supplied to the employer, and knock on the door.  Hosea, come with us.

Simple folks.  Numbers associated with personal information.  But can the feds be trusted to set up such a secure system?  We the people trust Amazon, American Express, Visa and Master card, and the banks.  But the feds?   It appears they also know that they cannot be trusted.  Surely, it’s not a case of stupidity. 


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