Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | June 29, 2007

The surge is working….things the press and the left leaves out.

Those old sunni militias who at one time were fighting against the allied forces in Iraq, have had about enough of the al-qaeda bunch. So says this report from Australia news.

“SUNNI militias that once fought US troops are now seeking to join them, frustrated by al-Qaeda’s influence in parts of Baghdad, a US commander said.

Maj Gen Joseph Fil, commander of US forces in Baghdad, said working with the militias compensates for insufficient Iraqi police presence in some neighborhoods.

“Some of them who have previously been fighting us have come to us as we’ve spoken with them and they want to fight with us,” Maj Gen Fil said.

“They are tired of al-Qaeda and the influence of al-Qaeda in their tribes and in their neighborhoods and they want them cleaned out and they want to form an alliance in order to rid themselves of this blight.”

Evidently the surge is working , something is working, the allied forces are working, the Iraq people themselves are working. There is hope yet. Ain’t that amazing. Stay the course. It’s not over till it’s over.

And in light of the thwarted terrorist attack in London today, it makes it even more evident that these radical Islamic fascists must be stopped in their tracks once and for all. Well, we know that it will never be a once and for all ending of the al-qaeda faction of Islam. That’s a given, knowing their radical ideology. But we sure can put enough of them in their place…..under dirt or behind bars.

Keep it up General Joseph Fil, commander of US forces in Baghdad. You guys are doing a great job under horrendous circumstances that the liberal western press and politicians wish to not inform the public about.



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