Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | June 30, 2007

Rubber-Stamping Liberal Policies.

I was in the tag office the other day to renew my yearly auto tag, get a new sticker for the plate as a witness that I’m a good citizen and pay my taxes as told. I paid taxes when I bought the car. I pay taxes each year in order to legally drive the car. I pay taxes each time I fill the car with gas. I pay taxes when I pay for the insurance, although those taxes are hidden in the corporate income taxes, but then passed on to people like me in higher insurance premiums. But all those taxes are another story for another time. The clerk looked at my insurance verification form and the vehicle registration form and then boom, a big rubber stamp came down on the form, boom, and that was it, I’m legal for another year. Next. Hmmmmm.

Is this not what the liberal democratic base does to their elected officials? Rubber stamp what their top representatives say and do, and then shout it on the housetops. Have there been any times when the liberal democratic base stood up against a democratic President? Did they revolt over Clinton’s abuse of the oval desk? Did they revolt over Carter’s double-digit inflation policies? Have they revolted against the democratic speaker of the house? The senate democratic leader? Or even uttered a critical word? Tell me; have there been any of those in-party revolts originating from the outside base? Rubber stampers. Look at the forms and boom, accepted as fact. Next.

We’ve all just witnessed a revolt of the conservative base against their own president.

That’s an occasion to celebrate for democracy, for the republic for which it stands, for the constitution, the founders and their wisdom. The people spoke, the representatives listened, even though it was damaging to the power and image of the President. It worked this time folks.

But the liberals are rubber stampers. Take Al Gore for example. Conservatives being a bit skeptical of each and every governmental program, have not rubber stamped the Gore crowd about global climate change. The liberals have. Even the mainstream press has put their stamp of approval on the global climate change theories. But, there are plenty of opposition scientists with just as much scientific background and experience that refute the entire man made global warming, or climate change theory. Refute it outright. Say it’s nothing but a bunch of bunk or hooey. Even a well-known climatologist with the national weather service disagrees. But the liberals go on to rubber-stamping and then call all of the skeptic’s names for not being rubber stampers.


Liberals believe that the government is the answer to problems. Conservatives believe that a smaller and limited government is best, and that people are able to solve problems on their own.

Liberals believe that the ordinary people do not have the ability to solve their own problems.

Big government knows best. Rubber-stamp it.



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