Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 1, 2007

Al-Qaida is an evil mental disease.

Al-Qaeda, or al-Qaida, or whatever you wish to call or spell the names of the radical faction of Islam is a dangerous evil mental disease. In other words plain and simple, these people are sickos.

I gotta be careful here. I’m not advocating that the Center for Disease Control, or the newest and the best of the psychiatric associations declare these symptoms as an official mental disease worthy of direct government benefits. But, you never know, there are folks out there who would take that as an invitation or an agenda. The peace at any price crowd. The code pinks. The Jane Fondas. The Rosie O’s. The Jimmy Carter’s. The Rosannes’s. The Reid and Pelosi of government waste.

It just makes me sick to think that so many in our country do not see, do not want to see, the inhumane brutality of al-Qaida, a faction, by the way of that ‘peaceful’ religion of Islam. It makes me sick that so many in our country do not understand, do not want to understand, our battle to protect our freedoms and liberty. And, it appears that they are like that just because of a political hatred for George Bush and that right-wing radical conservative base. Now that makes it even sicker.

In light of the just recent car bombing attempt in Glasgow and London, what more can be said of al-Qaida, a radical group that desires to inflict torture through planned carefully selected targets for that act of terror inducement. Our troops on the ground in Iraq witness the brutality every day. Our Senators in their offices witness the activism of peaceniks every day. Our troop commanders on the ground witness the horrendous inhumane acts of al-Qaida against their own people and children every day. Our representative in the hallowed halls witness the bundles of cash coming their way by appeasement groups every day. We need a new reality show called trading places, Congress and the Troops. Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Just think, the halls of Congress would be cleaned up of all the corruption and al-Qaida would eliminate the feminist Congress.

Read Michael Yon and his newest dispatch. “Bless the Beasts and the Children.” It’s the story of a discovery of an Iraq village destroyed by al-Qaida, including the men, women and beheading the children, plus the cows, and livelihood of the villagers. Utterly destroyed, wiped out. Their own country men, people of their own religion. Sick. Sick. Sickos. Warning, the photos are graphic.



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