Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 2, 2007

Hispanic threats to bring US ecomony down.

Remember last year, an illegal immigrant took refuge in a church in Chicago to avoid deportation, well, she has been busy as a bee in this church forming a political action group, and is wielding some influence among Hispanics and the LaRaza group. The latest. She don’t like the outcome of the immigration bill. Within hours of the defeat of the Senate bill, she announced a campaign of resistance against the US government.


“Arellano, the leader of the movement Familia Unida (United Family)who has remained in a Northwest Side church since August 15 to avoid an order of deportation, said this would be the deadline the government will have to “revive and pass a comprehensive immigration reform.”

“Otherwise, pro-immigrant organizers will begin a campaign “aimed at bringing this government and this economy to a halt.” LaRaza…..


Why is this lady still in the country? Yes, it would look bad, the publicity would be bad, it would send the wrong message to both Americans and Hispanics, to have ICE raid a church, arrest the alien and deport her immediately. Well yes there would be a tremendous outcry. So there she sits, computer and all, meals, probably a nice room and an indoor walking track in the sanctuary when it’s not being used.


And the people of the church are allowing this to continue. That is the second tragedy. Sometimes the church gets confused between compassion and righteousness. This church should read this article. The church ought to call ICE and say: come and get Elvira. She is now threatening the US government and as a church, we cannot let her continue this crusade while inside this building, so come and get her.


Another tragedy is that of Noe Aleman, a border Patrol agent for 12 years, who was sent to prison for a typo on some immigration documents for his wifes’ three nieces that he was trying to adopt. If I remember right he put down the wrong age of one of the nieces. And for this he is in jail.


And this Elvira activist is sitting in a church playing with the organ and threatening to bring this government to a halt.


Do you smell something fishy?



  1. Why does this government continue to allow a ILLEGAL person cause so much confusion?
    Take control of that situation, move her out . Use the tactics that are used all the time by government, fire code violations, health code violations,etc.
    Then maybe you want her there as a rally point, the next time AMNESTY BILLS are introduced?
    MOVE HER OUT! you have the authority, whereis the WILL?

  2. reusha2000

    Well, part of the problem is the City of Chicago and their polices of being a sanctuary city, and the feds are timid. No will to enforce their own laws.

  3. The age-old pesky U.S.-Mexico border problem has taxed the resources of both countries, led to long lists of injustices, and appears to be heading only for worse troubles in the future. Guess what? The border problem can never be solved. Why? Because the border IS the problem! It’s time for a paradigm change.

    Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism, and without threatening U.S. sovereignty or basic principles.

    Click the url and read about the new paradigm for U.S.-Mexico relations.

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