Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 3, 2007

Important update to Michael Yon…”Bless the Beasts and Children”

Michael Yon published a story of a brutal wiping out of an entire village by the al-Qaeda element in Iraq just last week. The mainstream press did not pick it up, much anyway, Fox for one did. It was mostly the blogosphere. Michael recounts how al-Qaeda brutally killed the entire village, including the beheading of the children and killing off the livestock also and has the pictures to show the ugly details. But there was no outcry from the politicians nor the press.

This is his update. Read the original and the update here.
“Today, late afternoon on 3 July in Baqubah, Colonel Hiduit from 2nd Brigade 5th Iraqi Army was able to provide some additional details about the murders, as the ongoing investigation begins to yield more facts. The name of the village was not on any maps I examined while preparing the dispatch, but Colonel Hiduit said the name is al Hamira.”

“In my dispatch, I reported that six people were killed, but mentioned that Iraqi soldiers were still digging out bodies when I left. A few hours ago, Colonel Hiduit put the number at 10-14, and said the search for bodies had ended. I made video of the graves, bodies and of interviews with Iraqi and American soldiers while we still were at the scene and have been working to make material from this available on this website. “


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