Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 4, 2007

Muslim Doctors as terrorists?

Ok, the British are finding out that two or three of the people who attempted to blow up the café in Piccadilly, or the airport car boom mishap at Glasgow, were doctors. Treating British patients. The report indicated the plot was formulated and planned in the hospital. Can you hear the talk that will now take place in the waiting rooms of British Muslim doctors? Why is it taking so long to see me? Oh, he’s gathering the material and making plans for the next terrorist attack. It’s really not funny, is it? Just makes me wonder about pharmacists and their easy and licensed access to drugs. And there are other industries that, someone with terror on their mind, would provide the Muslim jihadi access to all kinds of dangerous products. Muslim owned Gun Shops. Landscape companies owned and run by Muslims would have the licenses necessary to purchase large quantities of the fertilizer used in these bombs, legally and most likely without a notice. It’s endless folks, the opportunities available for a terror minded person who, in the proper industry with the appropriate licenses, can legally acquire everything necessary.

One of those terrorists was a 26 year old neurosurgeon, born into a Palestinian family originally from the city of Hebron in the West Bank. he was considered just a perfect husband and a doting father. The NY Post has the details

How would like this guy cutting on you? Will you feel safe when you go to a pharmacist who just happens to be a Muslim? But this is going to be profiling, if we get suspicious of all Middle Eastern looking men, so just deal with it. Yea. Why is it that we are the ones who have to learn to deal with it?

But what can be done?

The latest reaction has come from Gordon Brown, the new Prime Minister of England, who gave the order to his staff and others not to use the term terrorist along with Muslim. He wants to ban another phrase: “the war on terror,” as that phrase has been associated with George Bush and Tony Blair. This is a shakeup and “…. is part of a fresh attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims, adopting a more “consensual” tone than existed under Tony Blair.”

Sure, that will work. No more terror attacks in England. All over, the problem is solved. All of the terrorists will go somewhere else, where they are still using the terms. How stupid do these politicians think the people are, and for that matter, how stupid do they think the Muslim radical fanatics are? They are now either laughing or feel insulted. Hey, this is going on across the sea, and I’m here in the heartland of America, so what’s the big deal? It’s their problem.

Islamic terror is not an ours or a their problem, it’s a very real threat all over the world, anywhere. Ooops, I used the word Islamic associated with terror. How quick I forgot. Gordon Brown wants to get “consensual”, which really means that both parties must be willing to come together in a spirit of cooperation and reach a consensus of opinion or participation.

Sounds like negotiation. Gordon Brown could act as the head of the West and be given negotiating rights. Who is he going to call to the table to represent the Islamic terrorist network, the al-Qaeda bunch? You know, someone you could trust to carry out the orders of the negotiation among his own people, the radical terrorists, and pass the word down to the various terror cells to, er, uh, OK guys, stop the attacks. Would Osama bin Laden finally show up somewhere?

Here we go, a Muslim that could possibly do just that. imam Siraj Wahhaj, one of the unindicted co-conspirators of the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center could address the problem when he speaks to the 32nd annual Islamic Circle of North America conference. But, his history is not quite friendly to the US. Maybe, the “consensual” attitude of the British would sway him over. It’s worth a try. He has a message of Islam reigning supreme, and mixed with his message is the fact of the U.S. being an evil country, and defending terrorism.”

But then, this conference of Islamics, being held this coming weekend in Hartford, Conn., is for their purpose of addressing Islamophobia, a very big concern of theirs. imam Siraj is a very interesting guy and has some very interesting tapes and videos you might like to purchase, such as “Are you ready to die?” and “Islam: the solution to America’s social problems”, and of course, this one would explain the Qur’an to us all: “The Qur’an: The Catalyst for Change-Generation X: The Bearers of the Message”.

He sounds like a very well informed and influential Muslim, so possibly by reaching out to him, our leaders might be able to come to a consensus on all of these Islamic terror attacks. Oooops, I used Islam in connection with terror again. sorry about that.

Updated note. 07/05 “British police have now discovered a group of 45 Muslim doctors threatened an attack in the U.S. with car bombs and rocket grenades.”


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