Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 5, 2007

David Eckstein of the Cardinals, A man of men.

I am a short circuit baseball fan (short circuit meaning that I follow only one team, the Chicago Cubs) Now here I am a Cubs fans posting a very favorable note about David Eckstein, the Cardinals shortstop, but with the all-star game fast approaching , it appears that David will not make it this year. He went on DL on June 14 for back spasms.

What keeps a guy that is just 5’7”, a shorty in the world of team sports, and yet at the top of the field? His OBP since his joining the cards in 2001 are in the mid 300’s each and every year. He is a star. He is an example. He is a role model.

When… asked… about his success before a game last month, he responded, “Just keep working, working, working, and don’t worry. If you start worrying in this game, everything becomes even harder. Work is your friend. Worry is your enemy.”

“I’m not as big as the other guys, so I’ve always known that I had to work real hard. But even with all that, I couldn’t do anything without God. It’s all Him. Let Him take control. If I go 0-for-4, I just keep working hard and praying. I’m not anxious because I know it will turn out all right My faith in Jesus is everything to me. You have to understand that He’s working in His way. I’ve got to do everything possible to be prepared, and then to let Him take over.” Marvin Olasky at

Why don’t we hear more positive stories about these kinds of ball players? Eckstein is not the only one. There are scores of talented Christian athletes who testify daily by living the example. Politically, we don’t hear of these guys and gals often enough because it does not fit into the current special interest group agendas. We don’t hear of the Christian side of positive stories because it is Christian, and the political climate of late has been all humanistic progressive secular oriented, elevating humanism and a self-consciousness. Get in touch with yourself. Aquaint yourself with your feminine side. Expand your self-esteem. Find your orientation, and all of that psycho mumble jumbo. Our youth is saturated with this stuff from all angles of our society. Schools have hired self-esteem councilors on call 24/7.

It’s enough to make all of those councilors dizzy wondering what to do about a Johnny or a Jane, as they just don’t fit into the crowd. They want to wear outdated clothes that even cover the mid-riff, they want to go home and study to learn something to get good grades, and are the first to arrive and last to leave the practice field, often having to walk the 5 blocks home. All of this competition pressure is just not that good of an idea to place on kids, the councilors say. They should be free to express themselves and get in touch with those inner feelings.

A guy like David Eckstein did not learn these traits after he got into professional sports. No, he learned them as a youth. When our education system starts insisting on the basic character traits of hard work, diligence and fortitude, and put away immediate gratification, then the country will turn around too.


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