Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 5, 2007

Income disparities of major concern…

A new and improved poll of 500 adults has been taken about the income disparities in the US.

I just have to wonder why this poll was taken. Could it be just a coincidence that democratic presidential hopefuls have recently brought up the subject in their campaigns? Edwards is using the term “two Americas,” and Hillary and Barrack have also chimed in on the theme. Yet, there are no solutions being presented.

“Two-thirds said the government should make sure there is a job for everyone who wants one. Small majorities said it should provide jobs for people who can’t find private employment, increase federal training programs and redistribute money with high taxes on the wealthy.

In the survey, 58 percent said large pay differences help get people to work harder. Yet 61 percent said such discrepancies are not needed for the country to prosper.” There is a margin of error of 4.5% in the poll taken by some University of Connecticut group. AP reports.

Solutions, we want solutions. Tax the rich and redistribute to the poorest of us all. Sure, that will fix the problem once and for all. Johnson attempted to solve the problem once and for all in the War on Poverty of 1964 Yet poverty and disparities are still with us. It led to the Economic Opportunity Act, which over time proved ineffective, so it led to Clinton’s Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, which was claimed to end welfare, as we know it. Yet poverty and disparities are still with us. After all these years and additional efforts by the feds and billions spent by the feds with new agencies created by the feds mandating certain things across to all the states and we still have poverty and a disparity in income in the US. Politicians are tone death and do not read into the data of history that these programs have not worked. But it sure sounds like a great campaign slogan.

I mean, everyone has an innate dislike for the likes of spoiled ones like Paris Hilton born into the likes of one of the richest families, yet she cannot tie her own shoes. It’s the spoiled brats and adults of the filthy rich who don’t have to work another day while the rest of us think about the price of gas and milk every week. Who could be against a program that will narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, or even the moderately poor? They don’t need all that cash, so take it from them and redistribute it the rest of us. Right? Then we’d all be better off. Right? Wrong.


This link will take you to a very exhaustive (and long) study and analysis of the history of welfare written by Travis Snyder. I will copy a few of his conclusions for the sake of brevity.

1. Means-tested (<- if it is only given to the poor) Welfare and other social spending programs, not only discourages people from working, but actively penalizes any attempt to work by taking away the basic necessities they have come to rely on.

2. Means-tested Welfare and other social spending programs did not and do not bring people out of poverty; to the contrary, they actually increase and/or perpetuate it.

3. Those in poverty today are relatively well off, by both historical standards of this country and compared to the average citizens of other countries.

4. Means tested Welfare and other social spending, especially cash welfare, is largely responsible for the increase of out-of-wedlock births and the rise of never married single mothers, especially amongst the youngest and poorest girls.

5. The main reason people remain in poverty is primarily because they aren’t working and secondarily because they aren’t married

6. The best way to reduce poverty is to reduce single motherhood [by reducing out-of-wedlock births], promoting marriage, and increasing employment, all of which are accomplished by eliminating and/or reducing the welfare rolls and the number of those receiving other social spending. Minimum wage laws have further impoverished young poor people, with the hardest hit being young black teenagers.

10. The lowering of welfare eligibilities, the rise in welfare spending and the rise in spending for other social programs was a folly of unprecedented proportion. The ‘War on Poverty’/’Great Society’ was an idealistic disaster. For over 40 years the 5-6 trillion in welfare and other spending accomplished the exact opposite of it’s stated purpose. Moreover, welfare and other social spending are inherently racist because their ill effects fall predominantly on minorities, especially African Americans and Native Americans.

This is an exhaustive study and worthy of study for anyone seriously interested in the subject of welfare.

The poor you shall have with you always. Private charity has done the best job of helping the neediest, and the government has done relatively nothing but maintain the status quo, while spending trillions, which can then be brought up at another election after another poll. Now don’t you dare try to tell me this time it will work.



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