Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 5, 2007

Wichita lady left to die.

A lady had been stabbed and was lying on the floor of a convenience store as customers walked around, stepped over and one man even stopped to take a picture of the lady with his cell phone. He did not call 911., and it took 2 minutes of the shoppers avoiding the lady before the police were called. She was left bleeding on the floor. The store’s security video shows the entire event, but it is not yet being released as the police continue their investigations. KWCH reports. The lady died awhile later in the hospital. A much longer and detailed account of the story is available on an Australian news site,

What does this say about our society? Would you have stepped over someone bleeding on the floor? Would you have stopped, fetched your cell phone out of your pocket to take a picture, and then walk off? What is happening around this country?

It’s been called revolting, disgusting, deeply troubling and appalling. Yes, I would say that those words are appropriate.

Ah, but those same people who left this woman to die will be right there in the front row of the latest “entertainment” rock, hip hop, zippy do da performance screaming and waving their arms in adoration and exaltation of the stars on stage. Or else, they will be sitting on their front porch sipping a bud watching the weeds grow around the worn out refrigerator that made it just off the steps. Or else, they will be the first ones lined up at DHS for another welfare check while their cadillac is idling outside to keep it cool. Or else, they will be the first ones to call in sick because of the hang-over headache. Or else, they may the ones that the Sean Hannity group interviewed on the streets and they could not name their senator. Or else, they may be the attorneys who collected millions from a class action lawsuit while all those supporting the suit collected $5.00 Or else, these are all government educated people who were advanced to pass anyway because of some quota requirements for non-discrimatory achievement results.

Whatever. I’m sorry, I picked on a few groups of people there, but I think you got my point. Our society has become largely selfish and self-centered with the attitude that “my immediate gratification and happiness is all that matters.”

Our society is in trouble, and maybe Hillary is right, it does take a village, but the village has failed.


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