Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 7, 2007

Climate Change and Muslims

As the Live earth concerts are circling the globe today using up and wasting energy as if they were opponents of controlling energy, I just got to thinking a bit and a few questions came to mind.  What kind of example are these rock stars as they jet back and forth across the globe?  Just how much trash will have to be picked up, removed from the stadiums and concert sites and then taken to land fills for disposal causing more industrial waste and future environmental concerns later on down the road?

The waste is just astounding.  But, it’s all for a very good cause.  Humans must stop polluting or there will be very few humans left to mow the yards of the very wealthy environmentalists.  Silly thought.  Another very serious question arose.  How do the Muslims view the current climate of thought about global climate change? 

First of all, this one caught my attention.  A LEADING Muslim cleric has blamed the devastating drought, climate change and pollution on Australians’ lack of faith in Allah.”

“Climate Change is possibly the biggest threat to life on our planet. Indeed it should be of special concern to Muslims since most of the effects will be felt in Muslim world.”  Impact of climate change on the Muslim world.  November 2006

“Climate change is overwhelming the situation in Africa…unless we take genuine steps now to reduce our emissions, people in the developed world will be condemning millions to hunger, starvation and death.”   …one of the challenges faced by humanity is to decide “How to design a new model for human progress and development that is climate proof…and gives everyone a fair share of the natural resources on which we all depend.”   The Muslim News  Jan 2007

“…developing countries like most of our Muslim countries, particularly the least developed, are generally poorest in this regard. As a result, they have lesser capacity to adapt and are more vulnerable to climate change damages.”  Sala@m.UK  July 2007

“In the face of this, I look forward to how the government is going to brace people to having to double their life insurance payments, in order to save the planet. Existing problems with oil and gas supply (ie limited supplies and interminable instability) can only add further to the costs of energy into the 21st century. What can the government say to prepare people for this inevitability? I’ve already seen David Miliband, the environment secretary, on Newsnight talking about setting a level of taxation on households that is “fair”, and that shows them that businesses are also feeling the pinch.”   A Muslim Think-Tank.  November 2006

These links are only a few and the articles have been quite interesting and there is a trend being formed not only in the Muslim community, but we also see the same trend in the western community of leaders. 

Mow this is as I see it.  First of all, global warming and climate change is the fault of the Western industrial revolution.  Muslims were not responsible for that. 

Two:  Global climate change will affect the undeveloped world the most, which just happens to be predominately Muslim. 

Three: The western Industrial world should pay for it through new taxation initiatives on each and every citizen.

Four:  A new model of government, social life and control of industrialization is needed throughout the world to bring all human activity in line toward all humans living closer to a balanced life in harmony with nature. 

Sounds all wonderful and idyllic.

I wonder if their thoughts are that the only way of achieving this is under sharia law?


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