Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 8, 2007

Calamities? Climate Change and Y2K.

On this day in 1999, the FBI canceled all leave requests for the entire agency during the 4 week period of the coming Christmas-New Year holidays.  At first, the memo only stated that the bureau encouraged all employees to take their vacations before the 15th of December.  “The memo said to take all your vacation now. You’re not going to be able to carry it over like you sometimes can do at the end of the year,”

“The FBI, like all government agencies and the private sector, is taking prudent steps to avoid potential effects of the Y2K issue,” said Weierman. “Additionally, as a part of the responsibility to ensure our ability to meet the demands of our mission, we have also reminded our employees of their ongoing responsibilities to remain available.”

So, what was going on that was going to be so horrible that everyone had to be available in the event this possible calamity would come about?  Would there be advanced notice?  How would it affect the country?  What is the threat?  What is the cause of the threat?  If we know so much why can’t the threat be eliminated now?

Y2K.  Year two thousand.  That’s when the numerical system of counting the years turned from a first digit of “1” to the first digit of “2”, and computer systems were expected to crash.  The media spread the fear and it took the country and the world by storm and there was a countdown, a wait and see, and as the traditional Times Square ball dropped, the media, the FBI and millions of people were expecting a crash, were expecting the lights to go out, were expecting computers everywhere to crash.  and the FBI had to be ready. 

Well, the scare never happened and life went on.  All of this just because a computer only reads 0’s and 1’s, and those geek’s who program them were not 100% sure of the programming and how it would respond to the digit change.  Scare mongering or carefulness?

Now there is a giant computer, again programmed by very smart people who have assembled tons of data about past weather data collected from as far back as information was collected and retained.  Tons of data.  Months and years of programming have gone into what the climatologists and climate scientists call the “Model” which is programmed to assimilate and analyze the tons of data into a future forecast pattern.   The entire theory of climate change is based on the computer projections. 

More scare mongering? 

But this time, the entire world is being told to hold back on their vacations, to drastically reduce consumption and be on hold.   Until…………?

And that is As I See It Now.


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