Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 9, 2007

Edwards to highlight poverty in south.

The Two Americas.  He’s taking the “Road to One America” route by highlighting poverty in the southern states, the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia and the Rust Belt on a 12 city tour, cameras ready, microphones on and media recording.  But, and listen to this, it’s not a campaign tour his camp is saying, as he will not be raising funds in a big way anyway.  Just taking pictures and showing the rest of America what the rest of the nation looks like, the poverty rich south.  His barber will be traveling with him.

There is no poverty in New York city.  There is no poverty in Detroit or Chicago, or Denver, or Las Vegas, or San Francisco, or anywhere around his multi-million dollar estate in the hills of North Carolina.  Go South.  The mainstream media will love it.  It fits right into their view of southern people, a bunch of back yard hillbillies still wearing bibbed coveralls and straw hats, smoking corn cob pipes and waiting in the woods to strike “deliverance” on Yankees.

And who will he pick up as potential voters in this tour?  Unions for mandatory union shops, increased wages, and fairer working conditions.  And also, the poverty stricken people up north as Edwards tries to strengthen his image as the man for the poor, the down and out and the uneducated people up north.   Is it just a coincidence that New Orleans is on the tour?   Can’t miss a good opportunity to bash Bush on the Katrina fiasco.  Just to be fair, he won’t say anything about how it was handled rather miserably by mayor Nagin and the democratic governor.  Not their fault.  Bush was the President, and Edwards can and would have done better.

Because he says there is two Americas.  And he wants to bring them together, to unite America into just one.  Of course he is not talking about a patriotic America, an America that is great because of the hard work of it’s citizens in a free enterprise system, not because of government programs.  Edwards will not be highlighting the fantastic economic opportunities available to “anyone” with the desire to succeed, to get an advanced education, to concentrate on their abilities and talents and pursue their dream through a habit of hard work and diligence. 

Nope.  None of that stuff.  Income redistribution is his plan to even out the two Americas.


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