Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 9, 2007

Inevitable Hillary …. her time? go Billy go.

Bill, go somewhere please!  Is it inevitable that this is her time?  Can she win the nomination and support of the dems?  Of course she can, and she will.  Then start your engines…. the fun begins. 

hillary 2007

Mark Penn, Chief Strategist of the Clinton camp released a memo on July 9.

Excerpts of the memo. 

“The bottom line?  Hillary’s electoral strength has grown in the last quarter and she is better positioned today than ever before to become the next President of the United Sates.  Recent polls have her at or near 40% with leads of 15-20 points over her nearest competitors. Voters yearn for change and they say that Hillary has the strength and experience to actually bring about that change. Hillary’s message: that her strength and experience will bring real change that America needs, is resonating strongly with voters.”

“In the general election, Hillary leads top Republican Rudy Giuliani by seven points (51 percent to 44 percent) in the last Newsweek poll, up from just three points a month ago.  The next closest Democrat leads Giuliani by only five points (49 percent to 44 percent), down from seven points in May.”

if you are really interested in reading it all and more then click here to go on over to Ben Smith’s Blog on  He also provides a link to a memo released by the Obama camp which proceeded this memo from the Clinton camp. 

Bill, go on a worldwide tour, please.  No, on second thought, seeing the two of you together is kind of like old times, and brings back many memories of the way the WH was run back then, you know the desk thing, the lies, the firing of the travel staff, the white water affair, the way you handled the bombing of the USS Cole, and then the cleaning out of the WH special items of silver and gold and all that stuff.  Oh, by the way Bill, since this is a hot topic nowadays, why did you pardon Marc Rich?  And can you shed some light on the commuted sentences of FALN, the violent Puerto Rican gang responsible for just a few bombings in the US.  Will you?  Please.  There are a few other things on our minds right now, but that’s a start. 

It’s inevitable Hillary.  Warm and fuzzy feelings of a village about to be built.


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