Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 10, 2007

Carver Elementary School allowing Muslims to pray in Class.

In San Diego, a substitute teacher claimed that the school was allowing a teachers aide to lead the Muslim students in prayer while in class, while the non-Muslim students sat and twiddled their fingers.   For 15 minutes of class time.  And the school has added Arabic language instructions to its curriculum last September when all of a sudden 100 students from a Muslim charter school, that apparently went belly up, were added to the student body.

Why is this happening in America?  Our public schools have ruled that students cannot be led in prayer by a teacher or other employee.  Our public schools have been diligent in rooting out just about all Christian prayer anywhere on school grounds just about anytime.  That pressure has been so great that many administrators have bent over backwards to prevent even a semblance of Christianity in the schools. 

You’ve read some of those outlandish stories.  Here are two of them.

Four Christians were arrested for handing out gospel tracts on the sidewalk outside a school.  Booker High School, Sarasota, Fl.

Six arrested for handing out tracts as they were distributed to students explaining the awesome principles of God as written on a 4 x 6 placard on public property in front of Palmetto High School, Palmetto, Fl.

But now that it is Muslims, it is OK.  Go ahead and allow the Muslims students to take 15 minutes of your class time to pray.  Further on down in this piece is this statement.

“Carver’s supporters noted that Christianity and other religions, unlike Islam, do not require their followers to pray at specific times that fall within school hours, when children by law must be in school. Amid the controversy, the district is studying alternatives to the break to accommodate student prayer.”

“The uproar over Carver comes as schools across the country grapple with how to accommodate growing Muslim populations. In recent weeks, the University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus has been divided over using student fees to install foot-washing stations on campus to make it easier for Muslim students to cleanse themselves before prayer. “

“These things are surfacing more and more in many places where large communities of Muslims are coming in and trying to say this is our right,” said Antoine Mefleh, a non-Muslim who is an Arabic language instructor with the Minneapolis public schools. “

“His school allows Muslim students to organize an hour of prayer on Fridays – Muslims typically have Friday congregational prayers – and make up class work they miss as a result. During the rest of the week, students pray during lunch or recess. “   More…

The non violent take over America has already begun and political correctness will allow it to happen.   Our weak-kneed politicians will allow it to happen.  Our leftist media will watch it happen.  Our civil rights organizations will encourage it.  Our public educational system will allow and embrace it as enlightenment, understanding and tolerance needed for a global society.

God help us and our grandchildren.  Home schooling appears to be the only option for a decent American education.



  1. I think it’s ok when they pray.Because I saw a lot of times in the college the muslim student’s they pray Why don’t the little one’s pray?

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