Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 11, 2007

Iran guilty of "hate" crimes.

On Tuesday, the nation of Iran, the place that Nancy Pelosi visited as a promoting dialogue and understanding trip, confirmed that a man was executed for crimes of adultery and 20 others would also be hanged or stoned to death for morality crimes.   That means crimes against nature including such things as “rape, insulting religious sanctities and laws, and homosexuality.”  In May, 1000 people were arrested for such crimes.   Story as reported by International Herald Tribune.

Where is the outcry in this country from the gay activist groups?   Why are they not going to Iran and picketing the courts and the lawmakers in Iran to stop these horrendous bigoted hate filled acts against humanity?  Why are they so quiet?   Where is Nancy and what has she to say about the actions of her favorite Muslim country?  Where is CAIR and what are they doing to stop these things?  Are they working through the UN?   Surely this falls into the definition of a violation of international civil rights, so where is the ACLU?   They all are not intimidated by Iran, are they?  

No, these groups are only interested in the bad guys in America. 

Where is the American Press and the mainstreaming media?   They have always been very interested in any crime of “hate” that occurs around here, but if a really horrendous thing like a stoning to death by Muslims happens, they suddenly are very quiet.  And these executions are for a simple natural near normal thing like sexual preference.   So where is their outcry?               

No condemnation here, as our press and media is only interested in the bag guys in America, and in America these are not bad guy things to do, things like insulting religious sanctities, and homosexuality.   Only in Iran, where hate crimes are not hate, but considered abiding by the moral laws of the land. 


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