Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 11, 2007

Maryland Board of Education promoting gay lifestyle in class.

The Maryland board has taken the position that inquisitive children can now be taught that gays are born that way.  And they will teach that until science proves otherwise.  Pandering to the powerful gay lobby and telling the rest of us to live with it and get a little bit of tolerance and get out of the way. 

The Report.

“State education officials in Maryland have rejected a plea from 270 Montgomery County area physicians to require the local school board to include factual information about sex in a new curriculum that establishes homosexuality as “innate” and features a 45-minute lesson on how to use a condom.”

“Millions of dollars and three decades of research have failed to prove that homosexuality is innate or that change is not possible,” said Griggs, a leader of the Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays Organization.  “After our expert testimony and briefs, it became obvious that science failed to justify the Montgomery County Public Schools’ biased and anti-ex-gay curriculum. Because they know that what they want to teach is not factual, MBOE instead claims that teaching children to ‘respect differences in sexuality’ of transgenders, transsexuals, homosexuals and cross-dressers is a ‘civic virtue.'”

A civic virtue?   Try this definition of civic virtue.   It is the habit of restraining oneself and his/her immediate self-gratifying passions for a greater desire and good.  It is working hard and being diligent and honest and selfless in the pursuit of a dream.   On a national scale, it is also honoring the time tested traditional Judeo-Christian virtues of a sacrificial service to country to preserve the freedoms of our forefathers.   

Another example of the horrible state of our public education system.  The board declared that the right of parents to have input into their children’s upbringing is not absolute, “It must bend to the state’s duty to educate its citizens.”   In plain and simple English, it means the state can teach your children anything they want about any subject, true or false, fact or fiction, whether the parents consent or not, as long as the board approves it.  So parents, get out of the way. 

The ONLY solution is to home school.  Whatever it takes.  And fight like hell against the teachers unions and their hold on public education reform.   Vote these people back into a homeless shelter.  Write letters to editors and state and federal lawmakers. 

Our grandchildren deserve better than this.


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