Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 11, 2007

Prince Williams County to check legal status, and Chertoffs gut.

When the feds won’t enforce federal immigration laws, then the states, counties and municipal governments will, perhaps some, but not all. Not yet. But the trend is spreading across the country as something must be done and must be done quickly. Mr. Chertoff, are you listening?

Just outside of the nations capital, Prince Williams County is stepping up to the plate with a new resolution requiring officers and county officials to check legal status of people arrested, if there is somewhat of a probable cause to believe that the arrested one has violated federal immigration laws. It also requires county staff to check legal status before it provides certain, but not all public services. Link to Was Times story.

Now you know that the civil rights organizations are going to hop on this one real quick, in fact the meeting room was a standing room only crowd of “interested” people from both sides of the issue as some 100 people addressed the officials during the emotionally filled meeting. The Hispanics are crying “discrimination” or “profiling” and using the rest of the political correct dialog terms that have kept the feds from enforcing the laws to begin with. If the feds won’t, the locals must. Mr. Chertoff, are you listening?

In this country we are at a tipping point as far as the illegal immigration laws are concerned. It’s been a seesaw, back and forth, and up and down like a couple of kids having a fun filled competitive harassment of the other, as one end releases mighty quick forcing the other end to land with a jaw rattling thump.

Mr. Chertoff, are you listening with your gut? Nope. But he came out and said that the terrorists are likely to strike somewhere in the US over the summer, because it appears that Islamic radicals like the summer time for their brutal killing attacks on civilians rather than during the winter. He has this “gut” feeling about it. All the Hispanics want to do is to find a decent job that Americans won’t do, and raise their families.

Chertoff is on both sides of the seesaw, and doing a very poor job representing either side. Perhaps he should not be listening to his gut and start listening to the people.  Mr. Chertoff, listen up man.   Closing the borders will not only stem the flow of illegal Hispanics, but also possible illegal Islamic terrorists.

And that’s As I See It Now.


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