Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 11, 2007

US military airman in critical condition…shot by peace activist.

Jonathan Schrieken needs your prayers. He is in critical condition after being shot in the chest by a crazed anti-war peacenik of some kind who wanted to make a statement about the war on Independence Day. The shooter then shot and killed himself, but left notes of his dissatisfaction with the war.

Several sites have now covered this story, since it was not picked up by the mainstream press as important enough, as news that they want us to swallow. Turn this around.  If the victim was gay, the media would have been all over it non stop and demanding that the dead shooters body would be hung for a “hate crime.”   If the victim was black, or Hispanic, the media would have been all over it and crying bigotry and intolerance for minorities.   Paris Hilton got more coverage 24/7.   Don Imus got more coverage 24/7.   Counting the soldiers killed in Iraq get more coverage daily than this one 24/7.    The Duke Lacrosse Players got 24/7.    Rosie gets 24/7 for her anti-war rants.   This serviceman gets 1/1.

Why did the media not cover it?   Because the shooter was an anti-war peace at any price activist, and the victim was a US military airman home on leave.   The state of our mainstream press is a crying shame.   Shame on them.   Shame on us for watching their crappy news broadcasts.

Read Michelle Malkin.

Little Green Footballs.

WILLINGBORO, N.J. – July 5, 2007


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