Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 12, 2007

Battle in Iraq, 1/2 way there.

Of the eighteen benchmarks (whatever they are) Iraq has measured up to eight of them, have shown unsatisfactory progress on eight others and mixed results on the remaining two.  That sounds like about 1/2 way.  And this comes at a preliminary time in the measuring process as required by congress, months before a more substantial report is to be made in September, also as required by congress, the armchair commanders.  And this comes at a just a short time after the troops surge had finally made it to the ground in Iraq.  The liberal anti-war Congress seems to have thought that once the troop surge was announced last fall, the troops would be on the ground in Iraq the next day or the next week.   Nope, sorry, things don’t work that way in reality.  These troops just got there. and they are already 1/2 way.  Give em a break.

Before President was finished with the question and answer time, Harry REID shot off his mouth to a ready media.: “It is time for the president to listen to the American people and do what is necessary to protect this nation. That means admitting his Iraq policy has failed, working with the Democrats and Republicans in Congress on crafting a new way forward in Iraq, and refocusing our collective efforts on defeating al Qaida,”

OK Mr. Reid,  how do you propose to defeat al Qaida?  Common, some good tactics that you would recommend.  Let’s hear it.  And Mr. Reid please do not say that you speak for “the America People” when it is the likes of you who have greatly contributed to the dismal poll results showing that the American People have a lower favorable approval of Congress than the American People have of President Bush.  How dare you. 

“I don’t think Congress ought to be running the war,” Bush said. “I think they ought to be funding the troops.”   AMEN!  Congress, just two words: “shut up.”

AP has one report.

From The Hill:  Bush Stands Firm.

Reuters:  Americans tired of Iraq war, split on withdrawal.

Michael Yon, the ONLY independent journalist in Iraq.   You do know that being independent, his reports do not get edited by a superior sitting in a nice plush office in New York.  Michael’s stuff comes straight and true to the point as he sees it. 


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