Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 13, 2007

Open eyes and ears and Know the Enemy…..

What do you make of it?  Is the story true and it actually did happen in fact?  If it did, should it not cause the western world to rise up and demand an immediate wipe out of al-Qaida, Hiroshima style?   But we all know that will never happen, ever again.  But it could happen in reverse, could it not?   Where an enemy, and in this case al-Qaida would somehow get their hands on a nuclear devise and be able to deliver it to a population center in the west and boom, lights out for millions of Westerners.  Do you have any doubts that this radical bunch of Muslims would hesitate for a minute if they had the capacity to carry out such an attack?  Demented Insane acts.

But yet, when it comes to the story of the individual acts of barbarity that these evil demonic Muslim fascist idiots carry out on a weekly basis, the west goes wimpy, goes sour, goes emotionally sick into a state of dementia.  Denies it.  Can’t bring themselves to believe that anybody could possibly do such a thing.  Was the beheading of Nick Berg enough?  Was the hanging of a body by the feet from a bridge enough?   Were the other numerous beheadings enough?  That should have been enough evidence right from the beginning.  Is sending women and children in as suicide bombers enough?  Is hiding behind the skirts of women and using children as pawns and shields enough?  And now this story of the serving of a baked body of a boy as a dinner treat to the boys parents has surfaced.  First reported by Michael Yon.  al-Qaida bakes little boys by WND today.   Mentally insane acts of evil barbarism.  Demented.

When fighting a war, there are going to be people killed in the action.  We accept that. The soldiers know the risk.   It’s just part of war and that’s one of the main reasons civilized people go to great lengths to avoid war.   Civilized societies.   We expect to see men wearing uniforms being killed during the exchange of fire on the battleground, but what we’ve come to know as the daily battle in Iraq has been like no other warfare ever, ever.   No uniforms, except by the west.  No rules of engagement, except by the west.  No rules governing the treatment of captured prisoners, except by the west.

There’s no need to continue on with other examples of the barbaric acts of our enemy, as the liberal left have their eyes and ears closed.  They just don’t want to know, or accept it, because then they would have to face it and concede that George Bush is right as he knows the west must continue the battle against al-Qaida in Iraq, so we do not have to face them here.  The liberal left constantly say that it’s all our fault for wanting the oil in Iraq.  The liberal left call these acts of evil barbarity pretty extreme.  they say it’s only a very small element of the enemy and we should not be concerned with that, and especially we should not make policy decisions based on the actions of just a few.  How sick and demented is that kind of thinking when faced with a barbarity as never before experienced by the civilized west.

And then, this same liberal left pass a bill placing a timeline on the withdrawal of the troops.  They want all the troops to be home by April next year.  Hey, a note has just been passed on to al-Qaida to hold on, step back a bit, regroup, rearm yourselves, and on May 1st of next year the country of Iraq is yours for the taking. 

And, it’s also apparent that the only war the liberal left sees as worth fighting, is the war to regain power in the White House. 

Demented.  “Suffering from a lack of cognitive function.”


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