Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 15, 2007

Islam, the religion of peace?

An open invitation to the leaders of Islam, to Muslim clerics, to interested parties, to come and debate the topic.  “To those who believe that Islam is of no harm to the UNITED STATES and its Freedoms, it is your responsibility to find a person who meets our requirements and is willing to debate the above topic.”  “We seek the highest level of Islamic scholars for this debate.”   The debate is to held in September in southern California, sponsored by Arabic Christian Perspective, as reported by Christian News wire. 

They are waiting for the Islamic leaders to step up to the plate.   Waiting.   Waiting.

London Muslim Protest 5

The above picture was taken in London, last known as part of the UK, a democratic western Nation with a long history of Judeo-Christian heritage, but now the London bridge is falling.  The latest jihadist attempt outside a favorite pub in Piccadilly.

 London Muslim Protest 1

Another picture from the demonstrations against the Danish “cartoons” taken in London in February.   The religion of peace do not like cartoons that appear to insult Islam.

OK fair enough.  But we in the west, especially those of us who are Christians, do not like to see murals and pictures of the Christ in urine and mocked etc etc either.  And it’s our government that provides the funds for hungry artists to do just that, but then we don’t parade in front of our capital with signs like “SLAY those who insult Christianity,” or “Exterminate those who slander Christianity”.  Fair enough?  

Now is your chance to step out and speak up.  As Hassan Butt, a former jihadist in London has recently wrote, the Muslims heads are stuck firmly in the sand. 

He writes: “In the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings I remember having a passionate discussion with some friends about who was responsible for the attacks. “It’s the work of the security services; I can put my life on it!” one said. “In fact, I think they’ve killed off these guys, planted their stuff on the trains and then just blamed it on the Muslims again.”

“I spent many years in the British Jihadi Network. While I was a member of that extremist group, I was told to encourage the spread of such theories because they created a useful, murky state of confusion. Propagating the idea that the Government was victimising Muslims by painting them as the bogeymen of the 21st century recruited young men to the radical camp.”   Read it all at TimesOnLine.

Muslim clerics, let’s hear it.  Let’s see it.  Step forward and declare yourself.  Get your dang gone head out of the sand and get the gonads to speak out.  You’ve been given another opportunity to sign up for the debate in September as mentioned above.

Otherwise?  Duh!  Well, we’ll have to continue to consider Islam as a religion of violence. 


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