Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 16, 2007

Children’s Health Insurance….paid for by those who are encouraged to quit.

On Friday the senate finance committee brokered a bi-partisan agreement that would add substantially ($35 billion over five years) to the program of providing health care insurance for those with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid. 

“The Senate legislation expands the State Children’s Health Insurance Program beyond the original intent of the program, White House Spokesman Tony Fratto said Saturday.”

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It will also have the net effect of encouraging many to drop their own coverage paid for through employers or on their own.  No kidding.  But this is what big government is all about, getting bigger and more expansive so that the government takes care of your needs so you don’t have to yourself.

Now this is where it gets a little bit confusing to me.  To pay for this expense, there will be a 61 cents a pack tax added to the cost of cigarettes.  The Center for Disease control wants to cut down on cigarette smoking and this tax may help.  But then without the people buying cigarettes, then there would not be enough funds to pay for the program.   Clearly the estimated 36,1 million smokers in 2004 would need to continue smoking, at the rate of 9/10 pack a day, to pay for the program. 11.5 billion packs of cigarettes need to be sold each year. 


No one can quit now you hear, or lots of children will not have health insurance coverage.

Or, if you are anti-smoking, then you are against children getting health insurance.

Or, if you are for children, then you will also be for smoking.


I just don’t get it.


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