Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 16, 2007

Islamic Rebels Without proper dress.

“Our (police) colleagues will give necessary notification to those who won’t act within the social norms of society,” Mehdi Ahmadi, head of the police information.”   So goes the enforcement of the strict Islamic sharia laws in Iran, that wonderful peaceful tourist attraction of celebrities and politicians, the Pelosi type.

“Iranian police stepped up a crackdown on Monday on women ignoring strict Islamic dress codes, including sending newly trained women officers to help “guide” violators, a police official said.”  

Violators of the laws can receive lashes, fines and/or imprisonment.  So, a very stern note is being sent throughout Iran to the rebels who refuse to dress according to sharia laws, the trouble makers, and the innocent women who are not familiar with the dress codes, what they call as “immoral behavior.”  The government will “guide” them to the correct dress in special sessions of training to dress when in public.  Read the new flash from Reuters.


But do our politicians get it?   Do our politicians understand?   I seriously doubt that the majority of our elected officials really understand the mind of Islam. 

In other related news:   “Democrat Jim Webb of Virginia and Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina testily exchanged views on President Bush’s Iraq policy and troop welfare. An impromptu troop surge debate turned into a temper surge.”   Webb wants the troops home quick as he does not see the need to defeat the Islamic radicals in Iraq.   The dueling Senators.

“Iran’s state television on Monday broadcast images of two detained Iranian-American academics apparently confessing to accusations of acting against the Islamic state’s national security and spying.”   Two American Muslims. 

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle,” said George Orwell. Obviously – and, six years after 9/11, bizarrely – we aren’t struggling hard enough.”    Rod Dreher: Who are the real victims? It’s time Muslims and the media confront the theologically sanctioned violence in Islam


Yes, it’s time, past time.  But, will political correctness rule?  

Amnesty international, along with Ramsey Clark, is keeping a close eye on the trial of 40 members of the Muslim Brotherhood accused of money laundering and terrorism.   This trial is being held in Cairo Egypt where military trials are held behind closed doors and require a permit to attend.   A Reuters story.


And, It also looks like the civil rights of terrorists will be more important than justice.

Amnesty will be looking closely for violations of the defendants civil rights, along with Ramsey Clark , the weasel who defended Saddam Hussein, the guy who never met a terrorist he did not like.   A US traitor. 


At this pace.  They win we lose.



  1. mullah cimoc say how possible ameriki people become the so cruel and loving the torture.

    too many the ameriki man him brain now so dull not even think for how many iraki killed in war. this not pure and good usa man of geo. washington.

    usa press not free. google: mighty wurlitzer +cia for instruct of how the mind control technique use in usa.

    also usa society destroy and proving to look at ameriki woman having the LBT (low back tattoo) take the meth and smoking cigerette. This not free. this the slut and whore. In wazirisitan him man protecting him daughter–never allow the slut or the smoking cigerette.

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