Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 17, 2007

Ted Kennedy and Hate crimes…familiar buddies.

Why is this senior old man with a chip on his shoulder still around? Without his powerful base and minority groups support along with his business connections, he would continually be dismissed as an irrelevant old man who never learned to swim, never took a life saving course.

Now, he is being pressured by the gay minority civil rights activists to put “hate crime” legislation wherever he can get away with it. What does hate crime rules of punishment have to do with a defense spending bill? Absolutely nothing. No relationship to the content of defense spending. Nada. A totally different subject. But these activists will stop at nothing to further their agenda, and Ted Kennedy is just a tool to be used.

Teddy, you are being used.

“The Kennedy plan, which earlier was introduced as separate legislation, would classify gender and sexual orientation as specially protected classes of people under federal law.”

There already are laws in this country banning discrimination based on sex, so why is another one needed, one specifically classifying gender and orientation beyond the coverage of current discrimination and crimes against minorities legislation. Oh, there is one group of people who do not fit the minority status, and that is white men who are gay. White women who are gay fall into the laws affecting females, such as the “Violence against Women Act of 1994, but only white males are left out of the equation. Race and religion are covered.  This legislation is about making sexual deviancy a protected class above and beyond normal behavior, to make sexual preferences a privileged class, and to make speaking out against this kind of behavior a “Hate Crime” worthy of stiffer sentencing.   This is the part objected to the most.  Speaking out against the homosexual lifestyle should not in anyway be considered “Hate.”   Violence is another story.    Any law restricting the speaking out for and/or against anything violates and goes totally against our constitution.   Period.  No argument.

Ted Kennedy to the rescue.

Did I get that part correct about white males left out?   Whites are not part of a protected minority race.  The fact that I’m not being up to date on all of this kind of legislation and the court rulings, I could be missing that point, but it’s a very important distinction.
But there is another point that these homosexual activists are pushing and that is to silence the anti-gay crowd, specifically the Christian Bible carrying believers. The gays just don’t like any of that bunch showing up at any of their parades and outings.

Kennedy is being used, or he is a familiar buddy with “hate crimes.”

Read all of the article. Additional supporting links included.


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