Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 20, 2007

Iraq report: More time? Less time?

The 2nd commander in Iraq Lt. Gen Raymond Odierno, says he needs more time to accurately assess the results of the surge.  45 more days.  November rather than September.  But congress is not happy about that, as they are not happy about the failed attempt to get enough votes just the other day.   The democrat controlled congress is not happy.

“Asked why support at home continues to wane, Odierno said: “All I can do is tell you what is going on. I cannot make anyone listen.”

That’s the way it is folks.  Do your teenagers listen to you when you are trying to hammer home some good advise?  Our society operates the same way.  Our mainstream media is the same.  What makes you think our congress would be any different?   We have all been seeing nothing but a kind of stalemate for so long now, that we have just about given up hope that a real end it all victory against al-Qaida is just impossible.  Oh, by the way the media still call them freedom fighters, insurgents, discontents.  Can’t get themselves to call a spade a spade, a terrorist an Islamic terrorist.  Anyway,  the eyes and ears have been closed to good news coming out of Iraq.  They may read about it, but then decide to publish the latest women and children disaster.  The media can’t hear you.

Congress was not happy about the surge, and two weeks after the entire increased force was on the ground and getting operational, congress wants a victory report and the bags to be packed for the trip home.   The liberal democrats can’t hear you.

“I will not present the Iraqi government as a model of smoothly functioning efficiency,” Crocker [the US Ambassador to Iraq] said. “Because it’s not. . . . The stresses and strains and tensions throughout society are reflected in the government.” If he had to choose one word to sum up the atmosphere at every level in Iraq, he said, “that word would be ‘fear.’ ” Replacing fear with “trust and confidence [is] what the process is all about.”   Congress can’t hear you.

When I read that it sounded like Crocker was modeling the US Congress where nothing functions efficiency.  This is success then, because the Iraq government is already living up to the standards set by our own government.   83% of the American people do not approve of the US congress and the way it has been operating.  Reuters poll.   We are forced to give them more time, we don’t have another choice, except that choice at the ballot box. 

The American people does hear you.  We do.  We do.  We do hear that there has been a great deal of successful moving forward since the surge was first mentioned and now that more troops are on the ground, more good things are happening. 

He can’t force anyone to listen.  


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