Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 23, 2007

Obama and his choice in Judges.

” … you’ve got to look at what is in the justice’s heart, what’s their broader vision of what America should be,” Obama said, adding that justices should understand what it’s like to be gay, poor or black as well.  Article on the Hill.

That’s enough right there to toss Barrack Obama out in the cold on a February night in Fargo, ND.  

Judges are to rule in their cases based on law, nothing else.   Not their broader vision for America, and judges do not have to understand what it is like to be black, gay, a lady in waiting, or pregnant, rich or poor, Christian, atheist, Muslim or Hindu.

Neither of these has anything to do with understanding the US Constitution. 

Talking about the recent court decision on the subject of partial birth abortion, Obama had this to say about Justice Kennedy.  “Justice Kennedy knows many things; it is my understanding that he does not know how to be a doctor.”   No, he’s a judge.  Does a judge need to know what it means to be an architect, a roofer, a landscape installer, a professional football player, an opera singer, a radio talk show host, a comedian or Paris Hilton.

It’s not a requirement to have empathy for the little guy, but knowing the law is, knowing the US Constitution is, repeat, knowing and understanding the law is the only requirement, besides age, citizenship etc. 

And Obama has been elected as a Senator?    He beat out one of the sharpest conservative minds, Alan Keyes.   What does that say about America and their understanding of the US constitution?



  1. If Keyes is sharp, so is a bowling ball.

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