Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 24, 2007

More news on the improper dress of Muslim women.

A similar story of this came out on the 16th by Reuters, and again today it is emphasized that the dress police in Iran are pulling women over and telling them that they are not dressed according to the accepted Iranian Islamic codes.  “My dear there is a problem with your manto. Please do not wear this kind of manto. Please wear a longer manto from now on.” 

“A girl in a short white manto whose long hair was tumbling out the front of her headscarf is taken by the police to one of the minibuses on Vanak Square in central Tehran — an unexpected and unhappy end to her shopping trip.”

“Another arrested woman is already inside the bus. She begins to cry. “I promise, I promise!”   “And the minibus doors slam shut.”     Are these women heard from again?   Only after signing a pledge agreeing to the proper dress codes as dictated by the officials in Iran.   Link to report.


What does Keith Ellison have to say about this?   How about CAIR?   Are they not outraged with the blatant violations of the civil rights of these young women?   Where are the American Islamic clerics speaking out against this kind of absolute control over the dress codes of women in Iran?   Where are the feminist organizations?   Nobody seems to be speaking out against this.

So, it must be OK.  If it must be OK in Iran, then it would be OK in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, throughout the Scandinavian countries, Australia, and even here in North America, and in Detroit and Des Moines, Iowa.  Come on now, pulling women out of the crowd for improper dress, putting them in paddy wagons and forcing them to sign vows of compliance.   Right.   Normal stuff in Islamic countries.  Visualize the police in Hollywood pulling Britney Spears over for improper dress.  Or Paris Hilton, or any other “star” for that matter, and the folks at ACLU would be all over it in a matter of seconds.  The lawyers would be seeing their bank accounts expanding.   But, they are very quiet about it happening in Iran.  Go figure.

And these same people who are now very quiet, are very vocal about ending the war right now and bringing the troops home yesterday.   Do they not see any connection?   Nope.  All that is driving them is a hatred for GW Bush and conservatism by any name, who seem to be the only group that know the enemy for what they are.   Islamic Hitlers. 


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