Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 25, 2007

Global Cooling affecting Hurricane forecasts?

So what do you make of that?  Imagine.  The hurricane forecast for 2007 may be less severe than previously forecast because of “cooler-than-expected water temperatures in the tropical Atlantic.”   The numbers have been dropped slightly, said Todd Crawford, a WSI forecaster.

Hmmmmm!  Eat crow baby.  The cooler waters in the tropical Atlantic must be from the melting ice cap of the North Pole, because there just has to be a rational climate change theory for this.


On other news relating to Global warming.  Elizabeth Edwards is going to personally sacrifice by not eating any more tangerines for the sake of reducing the carbon footprint of that fruit because in her home area tangerines are not grown, and it costs lots of footprints to truck the exotic fruit to her neighborhood.  We should all follow her example, don’t you think? 

“We’ve been moving back to ‘buy local,'” Mrs. Edwards said, outlining a trade policy that “acknowledges the carbon footprint” of transporting fruit. 

“I live in North Carolina. I’ll probably never eat a tangerine again,” she said, speaking of a time when the fruit is reaches the price that it “needs” to be.  More.

Now, what would that price be?   That price would be a price that is calculated after the carbon footprint has been established and the growers, the pickers, the shipping companies and the stores all pay their fair share of the carbon footprint into Al Gores Carbon Offset program, so that more trees can be planted somewhere which is not yet determined.  What’s the price of tangerines now?  79 cents a pound?  After all of these footprints have been erased, the price may be 1.79 pound.   At that price I may stop eating tangerines too.   What’s the footprint to get my favorite beverage, coffee, to my local grocery market from Columbia?   OH, I forgot, I have a footprint too, when I go get the coffee.

Vote Edwards and he will set the example for us all.  Warms my heart.


More news on Global climate change.  Barbara Boxer will lead a exploratory “fact-finding” trip to Greenland.  They want to see first hand the devastating effects of the warming trend caused by mankind’s industrial age experiment, and “how it is going to theoretically cause catastrophic sea-level rise in New York, Florida, and other coastal areas.”  Marc Morano, a spokesman for Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) will be accompanying the esteemed Senator from California, now the chair of the Senates Environment and Public Works Committee.   Now Senator Inhofe is a real skeptic of GW, as is Marc Morano. 

“Morano says in a pre-briefing for the trip that the two scientists selected by the Democratic majority acknowledged all temperature changes and glacial melting in Greenland is within natural climate variability.”

“In fact, the scientist at this meeting admitted that [in] the 1920s and 1930s the temperature warmed up as fast or faster than it currently is — in that there is nothing at the moment to be alarmed about Greenland. It all comes down to unproven computer models of the future and how much you believe them,”

 He goes on to say that Greenland was named Greenland because at one time in the middle ages that Greenland was, well, GREEN as green can be.  That story is here. 

At this site, there are some very interesting comments made by readers.  This one goes by the name of “realist”

“Actually, I have looked at the evidence. Have you read or seen the movie “An Inconvenient Truth?” That is well referenced and cited and has the scientific backing of the scientific community at large. It may be true that there are natural fluctuations in temperature but what is not natural is the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. That is at historically unprecedented levels. Now, do you believe that that unnatural spike in CO2 levels does nothing to our climate? “

“BTW, just because 1300 crack-pot scientists came out against Gore’s film doesn’t mean much. There are millions of scientists worldwide who feel that Gore presents an accurate picture of global warming. . . . you seem to profess to know about science but you don’t understand that evidence for global warming is not fact…its data interpreted with theory to arrive at a fact over several studies by different authors. I am a scientist, I have a Ph.D….do you? “

Realist also has not read the volumes of information that contradicts the entire premise of global warming.  You know, there really are scientists that refute the entire notion that global warming is caused by man’s pollution, that our SUV’s are going to be the death of us all.  Senator Inhofe has done extensive research on the subject, as he was the chair of this committed for many years before the dems took over, and Boxer was installed.   Start here.   “A Skeptic’s Guide to Debunking Global Warming Alarmism”  It’s a 68 page PDF document.  Something that the “realist’ never read.


If these scientists really believed in this stuff, why are they not setting the example for the rest of us by selling their cars, moving into a tent and refusing to ride on airplanes, for starters.  I’m sure reporters would love that story.



  1. I think that all of this global warming (or as they now call it, “Climate Change”) gobbledegook is going to collapse under the collosal weight of its inherent insupportable untruths, lies, altered and misrepresented data and bogus bunk in general.

    “Realist” in all likelihood did not bother to read Dr. Michael Crighton’s “State of Fear” either. What are the odds that “Realist” has just as big a “carbon footprint” as those of us he blames for heating up “his” planet.

  2. Global cooling is part of the proof that the ozone is eroding.

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