Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 25, 2007

The John Doe provision back in.

It was a last minute press by conservatives in a conference committee that the John Doe protections against litigation in the event that a public citizen having tipped off the officials of a suspicious activity.  It would keep that citizen from being sued by the suspected suspicious activities of a potential terrorist.  The Democrats went along with the provision after an outcry against their previous removal of the protections. 

“Finally, the government will extend the same kind of whistleblower protection to tipsters on national security as they do in other industries — and take away a tool of intimidation from those who wish to cow the American traveling public into silence. Since we now have TSA reporting an increase in probing events at airports, getting the public to assist in security seems like a pretty good idea. And since the Flying Imams incident that prompted this legislation appears to have been a kind of probing incident in itself, it seems fitting that Congress acts now, rather than wait for the next attack to have already occurred.”

Captains Quarters.


Only makes sense. 


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