Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 27, 2007

Extra Extra special care for Muslims in our schools.

Our schools are beginning to get the message that they need to let the Muslim students go soak their feet, while the Muslims tell the schools administrators to go soak their heads. This is what the Muslims want and this is what the Muslims will get. CAIR is listening and just waiting to file that suit if the schools do not comply. Many have already. Intimidation has it’s ways with the meek.

The University of Michigan at Dearborn is planning to build foot baths.

An elementary school in San Diego created an extra recess period for Muslim pupils to pray.

At George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., Muslim students using a “meditation space” laid out Muslim prayer rugs and separated men and women in accordance with their Islamic beliefs.

At least 17 universities have foot baths built or under construction, including Boston University, George Washington University and Temple University, and at least nine universities have prayer rooms for “Muslim students only,” including Stanford, Emory and the University of Virginia.

Carver Elementary School in San Diego alleged that teachers were indoctrinating students into Islam. Carver has a special recess to allow 100 Muslim students to pray.

See USA Today.

So what are Americans going to do to stop this madness? There was very harshly implemented rules banning Christians from displaying any sort of symbol sacred to the faith such as a cross, pictures of Jesus, and/or mentioning the Bible under any circumstances during school time. All under the rules interpreted as separation of church and state. Christmas pageants have been banned at Christmas, which now must be called Holiday time. Manger scenes cannot be displayed on school grounds. Students cannot have Christian oriented student fellowships during school. Not too far back in the history of the USA, the Bible was the primary book used in education, but now it is banned. Students are reprimanded for praying over their lunch. Students are reprimanded for mentioning “Jesus” during speeches at graduation ceremonies. On and On it goes against Christians. What are we to do when CAIR is there to defend these tactics and administrators fear the expensive lawsuits?

But now, special extra special accommodations are willingly and cooperatively being made for Muslims. Makes a lot of sense.

What are we going to do? Acquiesce?

“The whole issue is to provide for a religious foundation for those who are observant while respecting separation of church and state,” says Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, based in Los Angeles. Many schools accommodate the Christian and Jewish sabbaths and allow Jewish students to not take tests on religious holidays, he says.”

“Barry Lynn, of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, says however that the law is murky on these expressions of faith. And the American Civil Liberties Union says overt religious symbols like crucifixes are not legal, but whether Muslim foot baths and prayer rugs fall into that category is not clear.”

Oh how confusing these things can get (for the legal minds of mumbo jumbo legalese), as common sense goes the way of the septic tank.

Common sense would tell everyone that if the Muslims are allowed to have special prayer rooms built, along with foot washing baths, then another religion could have the same. Christians could get chapels with a huge crucifix. Jews could have their Star of David. Wiccan then would demand the pentagram. And they could all have their own special extra rightful prayer time as guaranteed under the latest 9th circuit court ruling. And we can’t leave out Hinduism, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Buddhism, Mahayana, Sikhism, and perhaps the Baptists would really want a separate chapel than the Catholics. Then, who would have time to teach the ABC’s? For the NEA unions, they would welcome that as a good thing for teacher longevity.

For the lawyers of ACLU, CAIR, and other Islamic organizations, this is a mine field ready to be mined with explosive verbiage just as soon as a school does not acquiesce.

For common sense is not something these lawyers and judges are commonly familiar with.

So extra special extra care is being provided to our Muslim students.

And that is As I See It Now.


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