Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 29, 2007

Oklahoma HB 1804, toughest immigration bill…what happens after Hazelton?

An overwhelming passage of the Oklahoma bill to crackdown on the illegal immigration mess that Washington created and does not have the will to fix, will go into effect in October.   The Oklahoma bill (1804) is said to be the toughest of any at the state level, but what will happen to it after the court fiasco in Hazelton, Pa?  I804 was passed by votes of 84-14 in the house and 41-6 in the senate.  Overwhelming support.  The State is making a statement.  At the federal level, they are still squabbling over civil rights and amnesty.   At the court level, they are looking at constitutional protections for aliens breaking our laws.  At the lawyer level in the ACLU, they are looking after everybody having the same rights as everybody, earned or otherwise, legal or illegal.

The OK bill will require businesses to use the federal Basic Pilot program to verify employment status, it will deny drivers licenses and ID cards to illegal aliens, and requires local agencies to verify immigration status AND citizenship before an applicant can receive any benefits.  Governor Henry made a statement as he reluctantly signed the bill:  “While some will undoubtedly claim this state legislation is a landmark step forward, the truth of the matter is we will not effectively address immigration reform until the federal government acts.”   How true it is.

The Hazelton ordinance would have imposed heavy fines on landlords who rent to illegal immigrants and businesses that hire them.  US District Judge Munley ruled that it violated the Supremacy Clause which acknowledges federal law as the supreme law of the land.  “immigrant rights advocates should determine if initiatives introduced or enacted in their states or localities create new requirements for certain classes of immigrants or new requirements for employers that would interfere with or conflict with current federal immigration law. Such ordinances would be preempted by federal law.”   National Immigration Law Center.

But try, the localities must as the feds are not. And that’s the big mystery.

Virginia is trying something.  Virginia sheriffs and jail administrators would be required to initiate deportation proceedings against suspected illegal immigrants under a proposal announced Tuesday by the State Crime Commission’s illegal immigration task force.   More…

Waukegan Illinois is trying.  In the face of unprecedented protest, the City Council stood its ground Monday night and voted to continue the application process for federal authority to deport immigrants convicted of serious crimes.  More…

Loudoun County, Virginia is trying.  The resolution, which requires police to check the immigration status of anyone arrested, passed with a vote of 9-0.  More…

Georgia is trying.  a new state law, effective July 1, requires a valid Georgia driver’s license or ID card to register a car in Georgia.  The auto dealers are upset as cars are being returned because they cannot be registered.  More…

Collier Country Florida is trying.  The Collier County Sheriff is starting a new task force aimed at speeding up the deportation process for illegal immigrants who have committed a crime.  More…

Green Bay, Wisconsin is trying.  a new ordinance that would let the city yank the operating licenses of employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers.   More…

In addition to the above efforts, 18 States have passed some kind of measures to restrict some kind of illegal immigration.  Efforts are being made below the federal level since the feds are dragging their feet, as the issue has inflamed the citizenry like none other for some time.  But still yet, Washington is not hearing.

After all this trying, what are we going to end up with?   Is the message getting to Washington?  Not that anyone can tell.  Sure, the citizen calls went to Washington from all over the country about that big McCain, Kennedy, Bush amnesty legislation, and it was killed in it’s tracks, but what about the emphasis the feds should be performing on enforcing the current laws.  Building a fence 700 miles long may get started in the fall of 2008 according to Chertoff.   Environmental studies and all of that stuff comes first.  Property acquisition, permits, codes, and pending restraining orders slow down the process.  The Basic Pilot program does not work, is not the end all and is full of loopholes.  The National ID efforts are dead because of suspected privacy right violations and the lack of interest. 

So what are the law-abiding citizens of the US of A going to get?   More of the same.

The Hazelton ruling will wet the pencil lead of the ACLU to go after any and all of the above.  The federal courts will concur and American citizens will have to show THEIR drivers license, while illegal border crosser’s are given a pass. 

Oh, have you heard of the SPP?   It’s that 1200 foot wide super highway system from the Rio Grande to Kansas City that will be owned and operated by a Spanish company.  The purpose is to facilitate the transportation of goods from the ports in the Hispanic south to the new superduper distribution center in Kansas and from there into Canada, east to New York and west to California.   A 2005 report came out entitled “Building a North American Community.”  Oh, and have you heard the theory that goes along with this.  It’s called the North American Union, and the money is called the ‘amero.”  President Bush is meeting August 20 and 21 in Montebello Quebec with Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, and Presidente Calderon of Mexico for the North American summit.  

I’m not trying to imply a conspiracy here, but the dots lead to a very confusing complicated multi-nation trade effort that a closed border may hinder the effectiveness of the free trade efforts.

Another purpose of the SPP is the free movement of tri-national citizens.  Could there be a connection between the feds inaction on illegal immigration and the future plans for a NAU?   You decide.  Does your congressperson know anything at all about the SPP?


And that is simply as I see it. 



  1. As the immigration problem continues to get worse the legal battle will begin to rise. Houston Immigration Lawyers have devoted an entire website to this practice area.

  2. Bravo for Oklahoma.
    Let the remainder of mainland states have the courage to do the same since our Federal government is too busy trying to satisfy other interests.
    If we don’t save the country at the core level there won’t be anything else to process.
    The Mexican president said it all.
    How long before all other countries issue the same statement.
    America wake up and add a drop of what our Founding Fathers had for our creation or we will go the way of the Roman Empire being pulled apart and led by apathetic and materialistic thinking.
    We don’t need war to satisfy little boy dreams but clear thinking and proper laws for all…not just for an agenda.

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