Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | July 31, 2007

"Is it OK for Oklahoma to have a law that promotes hate among people?"

This is the question on the new billboard going up Wednesday in Tulsa, OK.  A local group is sponsoring the highway advertisement as action against HB 1804, the Oklahoma law to take effect the end of October that mirrors the federal law on immigration.

In a nutshell, the OK bill will require businesses to use the federal Basic Pilot program to verify employment status, it will deny drivers licenses and ID cards to illegal aliens, and requires local agencies to verify immigration status AND citizenship before an applicant can receive any benefits.   Promoting hate?  Hmmmm. 

The group paying for the billboard has set up a special legal defense fund to fight the new Oklahoma immigration bill, which this group says is hate.  Hate against those who are in the United states without permission.  Hate against those who did not follow the laws of the land regarding how to enter the country legally.  When you have nothing else to stand on, throw out the word Hate.  Then you will get the attention of the media and the civil rights groups as they also just love to use the word “Hate” to cause controversy and ultimately more division among the people of the country. 

But there is more. 

Oklahoma Rep. Randy Terrill “said a loophole allows political action to be taken by setting up a legal defense fund, when other committees that engage in political activity are required to report donations.”

The United Front Task Force and their efforts are supported by the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance, the Tulsa Indian Coalition, the Islamic Society of Tulsa, the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, the YWCA of Tulsa, the Tulsa Urban League, the NAACP, Pastors for Peace and Oklahomans for Equality.  The task force has set up a Legal defense fund to legally challenge OK bill 1804.

“…. we have this rogue group working in secret, hiding behind a legal technicality to engage in what is clearly political activity,” Terrill said.

“This group is trying to use the judiciary to indirectly accomplish a goal they cannot achieve through the political process.”   More…

Call it hate, call it racial profiling, call it whatever and it still does not make it hate, or profiling or whatever.  And all of this is because our own federal government has not enforced their own immigration laws, and when they do, they only make tentative efforts to control this illegal migration from the south to the north where the jobs are. 

In the meantime, states and localities are trying to do something, and then these feel goodie groups come out and decry hate and racial profiling.  Threaten with an expensive lawsuit.  Intimidate with phone calls.  Plead the hate before the media.  But, don’t obey the law.  These groups find someone who really has a hard luck story and parade them before the media, let us see some tears, a few children crying and many more gullible average Americans jump on board with donations and additional phone calls and letters to editors and what not, and these groups grow stronger in their influence.

What a dag gone mess.  Any solution must be either very tough, or very lenient, and neither one will ever pass, so we will continue to sit in our own vomit rather than offend anyone.


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