Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 1, 2007

Ramos and Compean case. Public does not have the right to know details. DOJ

The government failed to respond to a request for the records pertaining to the case involving former border Patrol officers, Ramos and Compean, who were sent to prison for over a decade each for shooting a illegal alien drug smuggler. the request for the records was according to the guidelines of FIA (freedom of Information Act). Judicial Watch then requested a hearing to know why.

“In that hearing, the Justice Department stated that it’s their position that they conducted sort of a balancing test between the privacy right of the illegal alien drug smuggler and the public’s right to know — and the illegal alien drug smuggler won.”

“In essence, the DOJ is saying “the public does not have a right to know the details of the records that we’re seeking [or] to understand exactly what happened in that shooting and in the prosecution subsequent to that.” Read More…

And that my friends is our US Department of Justice. What are they thinking? The bottom line is that two American border Patrol Agents are in jail for doing their job, which happened to entail shooting at a alien person running away from the agents after leaving a van full of drugs. One of the shots hit the alien in the butt. Reports are made to a supervisor, and all evidence is not immediately collected. Later on a relative of the smuggler calls a friend in the US and the story goes from bad to worse. The Mexican Consulate gets involved, Johnny Sutton grants immunity to the alien. And the trial goes from worse to drastic and two agents are convicted of violating civil rights and covering up evidence among other charges. 23 years of combined jail time.

The Border agents sit in jail. Their families are torn apart. Their finances are drained.

The illegal alien is free and was caught smuggling drugs awhile later. But is still free.

Who the hell would want to be a Border Patrol Agent when this could happen to you? We could easily get the attitude to stick it your ear Washington, we don’t care anymore, and from now on it’s me and mine and I won’t vote, and will do everything I can to avoid paying any taxes whatsoever. I’ll get something to defend myself and family, we’ll enjoy ourselves and become a nuisance if we can. By the time you all sort this out, my body will be down under anyway, so have America your way. It would be easy to become one of those quiet “Angry Americans.”

Additional news on the subject. It’s not Quite over yet.

Senators seek agents’ release.

House moves to free jailed Border Patrol agents

President Bush endured lots of controversy by commuting the sentence of Gordon Libby, but does not want the praise he would get if he let Ramos and Compean go free.


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