Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 1, 2007

Tax payers to pay for female hormone therapy.

Yes, you read that right.  A federal judge has ruled that a transgender will receive, at taxpayers expense, psychotherapy and estrogen therapy.  Now get this, this person is in prison in Idaho fro grand theft and possession, and evidently he/she tried to  escape. 

Randall Gammett now calls himself Jennifer Spencer.   He was born a male for life, but he was not happy with that decision and now wants to be a female.   While in prison, he was refused female hormone therapy, so he castrated himself to try to become a female.  I just can’t imagine the insanity of such mutilation. 

She He sued the Idaho Department of Corrections, and the physicians there, for failing to diagnose Gender Identity Disorder and treating it using female hormones.

Instead, doctors diagnosed a non-specific gender disorder as well as bi-polar disorder and offered her the male hormone, testosterone, not estrogen which she he says she he needed. 

In the suit, Spencer claims her his constitutional rights were violated and that she he was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment with the state’s failed diagnosis.



This nut-case belongs in the nut house, a psychiatric ward of the State Mental Institute.  And the taxpayers, that would be you and me if we lived in Idaho, will pay for this optional non life threatening treatment.  It’s a choice, an optional treatment.  It’s not necessary in order to save Randall’s life.  It’s not a medical condition, it’s a psychiatric mental disorder.  This guy has two more years left of his sentence, and if he wants to have it done when he gets out, then he can pay for it himself and then the world can use the feminine pronoun to describe him/her.  Whatever.

The ever politically correct and non offensive behavior of the news media and even the prison officials refer to this ‘person’ as she, she, she.  Hey folks just because he cut his natural thing off does not give him the right to be called a she and the right to use the ladies rest rooms, or the right to be transferred to a female prison where conditions may be more pleasant. 

That also means that religious faiths who are opposed to altering the original sex assignment at birth pay for this involuntarily.  What craziness.   “Thinking himself to be wise, he became a fool and embraced all kinds of foolishness.”


As I See It.


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